Bites with cucumber, ham and melted cheese

Submitted by enr on 13 Jul 2014
2 large cucumbers
250 g ham, smoked ham or other
140 g processed cheese to taste optional
Bites with cucumber, ham and melted cheese
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Cucumbers are washed well. With peeler cut thin strips of cucumber lengthwise, until it reaches the seeds. The first and second strip are not used. Then, the cucumber was paid to the opposite side and is cut in the same manner. Each bar is bisects cross. Obtained tape with about 12-13 cm long. ham also cut thin pieces, their width should be about the same as cucumber strips and length are about an inch shorter. Take one strip of cucumber in one end is placed on top of ham and a small piece of processed cheese. Wound on a roll and zabuchva with a stick. * From this amount of products I took 32 bites. * When selecting cucumbers take longer and not very thick.
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13 Jul 2014