Sweet cottage (video recipe)

Submitted by enr on 21 Nov 2008
# For the dough:
5-6 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp cinnamon
2 tbsp ginger optional
1 tsp ground cloves
orange peel
1/2 tsp salt
170 g butter
1 and 1/2 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 cup honey
 Templates - download here
# For bonding:
1 egg white
1 and 1/2 cup powdered sugar
a few drops of lemon juice
# For decoration:
candy, waffles, biscuits, chocolate, etc.
powdered sugar or coconut
Sweet cottage (video recipe)
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The dough  is prepared by stir soft butter with brown sugar until fluffy cream. Add successively eggs, 1 tbsp water, honey, spices. Stirring continued and cup cup flour is added - in the beginning stir with a mixer, then knead by hand. The resulting dough is placed in a plastic bag and place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours. The dough can stand in the refrigerator up to 3 days. Once removed from the refrigerator leave for 10 minutes to relax. Spread a sheet of paper and cooking on it is rolled into a thickness of about 0.5 cm of the dough. With the prepared templates are cut different parts of the house - two side walls - optional with window, front wall with door and rear side, two rectangles for the roof and optional features such as a chimney, shutters for windows, door and carved figurines shaped sweet. Excess dough is removed, trays should be off because slight swell when baked. The basis of the house are baked or the rest of the dough with irregularly shaped or large round-shaped plate, which will be the house. Bake in a preheated 180 C oven for 10-15 minutes until slightly darker at the edges. Remove carefully and leave to cool. While warm again using the templates are cut with a sharp knife to the correct shape.       for the blind  of the house, prepare glaze by first Beat the egg whites with mixer and then add powdered sugar and lemon juice. Totally cool parts of the house sticking with glaze - the most convenient to use a pastry syringe, but can also be applied with a spoon, brush, etc. The assembly started from the walls which are glued and placed on the substrate. Stick to it and leave little to tight. Apply glaze on the edges, where they will be covered and set he. All slots are filled with glaze and can sprinkle with colored sticks. Adhesive kominche, covers for windows and door - optional. Allow the glaze to dry - at least 15 minutes.       To decorate  use candy, waffles, biscuits, chocolate, colored sticks, coconut, the rest of the glaze, baked figurines dough, which can decorate separately and glued to the house, and whatever else comes into your mind. Finally, sprinkle with powdered sugar through a sieve or coconut - to look snowy.     On the set products obtained enough dough for a house with a large base, spare figures - if there is broken, and some cookies different shapes.   The House retains a nice taste for two weeks after assembly. Then begins to lose its taste qualities, but even four weeks after making tasty.       Ideas:    - For adhesive can be used caramelized sugar.   - In the dough can put cocoa or be divided into light and dark dough - so will look more chocolate.   - For roof tiles can be put cookies or rectangular wafer peel.   - can be made figurines Christmas trees, dwarfs and line up in the yard of the house.   - In the decoration can be used and small toys.
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21 Nov 2008


Wow, it took my wits! In addition to RD my son to try, but it is a great toy seems to me.

Wow, it's great, I love it - will definitely try it.

Very tasty cottage. Jump'm speechless!

I really want to do this for Christmas, but you do not have much faith, I think I'll try this by Cornelia waffles.

Bravo! Excellent performance! When my children were small I did twice similar house on the cake. Now only admire. I hope my grandchildren are born and do again this cake!

Applause for this beautiful *winter wonderland*! Very cheerful cottage that will delight all at Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Bravo! Much turned round, but worth it.

Great is my little girl and can not wait to do the same house.

Amazing house. Video seems easy and quick, but ... well, I will certainly try for Christmas. Bravo!

Many original recipe, but it is not to eat, what to watch :) Maybe will try to do. This video recipe are simple instructions. If it was just text, it would seem to me very difficult ...

We are glad that you like the idea, do not be afraid to try it! It is not difficult and does not take long - we only we did 3 times - first made the dough, the next day they roasted and cut out the elements and the third slepihme and adorned them. Of course, the most fun is the last stage :) It is also delicious - we broke off his hands (though this is a golyaaaama cookie). If you do must put pictures - will be interesting to all :)

This is a great toy, but worth it. 5 from me.

is incredible. I have no words. I love to cook and I can make it for Christmas. If it will get and photos :)

It is very beautiful, super is not your pity to spoil it, great idea, well done!

Evalaaaa ...

Jump words :) As I will try :)

Bravo amazing cake!

It's great !! Now I'm doing with my mom :)

Awesome! When I have time to try a must.

Can instead of brown sugar to put white?

Bravo for the recipe!I made it ... and have hidden maystorlatsi, but I think not trudna- anyone can izprabva :)!Will upload and photos :) Can be used white sugar, again gets!

And what color the Christmas Tree in green?Otherwise lovely cottage really, and I think to do. :)

glaze, which is used to adhere (protein with powdered sugar) flashes green with harmless paint and it is covered cookie in the shape of the tree.

I put ottsenka *Very good* because-as:1./ Preparation of the house is a real entertainment for children.
2./Vkusnen dessert.
5. Beautiful decorations for the festive table.
6. Interesting and unconventional gift is.
I personally made a Christmas gift for relatives and quite surprised them.

It seems wonderful'll try and if it will get and photos.

Bravo! Is great!

Wonderful! I'm rules tree, but it is easier than the house.

There is no way not to try, not so much to eat as mood :) I'll make it for Christmas to withstand and New Year :)

Hey, lady lana give the recipe for the tree! The recipe for the house is a great test done now waiting in the fridge but the taste is ma, ma, ma, maaaa. Whether it will last until Christmas, who knows! Compliments for which it got. Bravo!

Here are ideas for Christmas trees, can be made with the dough for the house - Сладки Christmas fir trees

is very nice very nice proposal

Last night I started doing it, they told me to caramelize sugar. And mykite started - so I experienced rapid tightened - I hvyrchah between counter and stove and was burned rezultatyt rytse, prystite my blisters and hurt an real lot, why do not I met last night this recipe. Something I vyrteshe this glue mix, as if I had met her but I was told that this is glaze for sweet and sticky with caramel. I could not sleep - very painful - say what I rub. The recipe is easy and very, very beautiful.

einjal, to this is the glaze and glue mix. Moreover, it is not hot and not have to work quickly (as caramelised sugar) thing is that you first glued and then embellishing with this mixture. Moreover, it is white and can be decked in any color you want, as opposed to the caramel, which may seem like a filthy. For burned hands - pick from a pharmacy mehlemche to burn, keep it chistichko and suhichko (can he put a loose bandage) and just hope to go faster.

Thank you very -vzeh mehlemche, bandaged and you Sym hard left, kept. I picked up the basics of kyshtata and we decoration anymore. Many, many thanks

templates on how cm. Should be?

templates that are in the products we use and are not sized in centimeters, if you open the sheet of A4 paper will get them in the right size.

How long can pretty much stay the house once it has been?

two weeks I would say that is completely well. Our January ate more than a month, but of course at some point slightly soil to dry out and weaken taste. Only for decoration and months may not last.

Thank you for the great recipe and ideas that we learned from the pictures! At last I decided to do, and I think the result was worth ousia. Happy Holidays and a lot of culinary delights and achievements of all the friends and admirers of the site! :)

great house thank you for hubvata idea :)

I can not let the video?

great idea and very occupation but really was very nice and delicious my family loves sweet work and ate for three days but really very nice thank you for what you shared this great recipe with us wish success to all who will try out

Thank you for the nice recipe, if it were not so well explained everything would even think that I want to do something like that to me sounded impossible. And even though I have two left hands dared. I'm so happy that nothing I collapsed. Now sit and enjoy it, as small children I am.

Since I have a weakness for this recipe I want to thank all who try it and share the results here - many beautiful houses create, I'm sure you enjoy not only me :) And for all those who have not yet tried - Now is a good time;)

I am glad their loved ones with this delicious gift made especially for them. I'm sure that if you allow yourself to experiment, will get iztinska delicious work of art. Happy holidays and aromatic me. :)

I've got no neighborhood :) I really like being put candy, as in the recipe with Sweet window. My husband was very impressed the windows. These are tiny houses made myself smaller templates.

Nelly, congratulations! Beautiful and delicious neighborhood :)