Chocolate cake with mayonnaise

Submitted by enr on 31 Jan 2010
200 g mayonnaise
2 cup flour
1 cup sugar
5 tbsp cocoa
10 g baking powder
# For glaze:
200 g chocolate
100 g butter
Chocolate cake with mayonnaise
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Flour, sugar, cocoa and baking powder mixed in a bowl. Add mayonnaise and 200 ml water. Stir with a spoon, not with a mixer. Spread baking dish (size not less than 25 cm in diameter) with sunflower oil and sprinkle with flour. Pour the dough and is aligned with a spoon. Bake 25-30 minutes at 180 C to check for readiness with a stick. The glaze is melted in a water bath. When cake is cool, coated with icing and top can be decorations of your choice - coconut, ground walnuts, sugar sticks.
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31 Jan 2010
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cake becomes an amazing chocolate flavor.If you love sweet can increase the amount of sugar.

What thing only! Yesterday a friend told me about a cake with mayonnaise, read today cake with mayonnaise! Mayonnaise substitute oil and eggs, it is important there are no additives in it and is not acidic (here mayonnaise always sour, I do not know how to BG). I intend to try to Milk mayonnaise of dunia53. I will report what had occurred:-)

And I got this interesting recipe! I think it a try today!

I also will try! A cake form that will get better?

For this cake I have read many good things, you have to try it and I! Mayonnaise ordinary Is / as Krassimir Plovdiv / or other?

After so much positive feedback and I will take to try it ...

I will wait for someone to do it and to write. It is really interesting. Passes to favorites to order.

used mayonnaise * * Krassi. In the net I saw the cake prepared in the form cakes.

Today I did as I said before, the butter mayonnaise recipe from the site here. Cake was very good in our taste and could be sweeter, but glaze complements it very well. The texture is like foam, not dry and crumble. Will definitely do it again, already in favorites:-)

Images tomorrow that night with flash are not nice ...

Incredibly delicious cake. Try and you will not regret.

Already in favorite and soon will do it myself. Great photos pepolina.

Desi, thank you dear. Try the cake and I'm sure will be pleased.

thank the author for the recipe. The pictures are also very good.

Naisti was very tasty! I have prepared with 1 1 / 2h. including sugar, but I added vanilla and orange peel and raisins in icing!

And I did, it is very tasty!

I did it ... incredibly delicious cake ... after I ate it all, there mayonnaise ... no one believed me ... I put 2 cups sugar ... became great ... thanks for the recipe! :)

I did it I poured with chocolate on top of the form was very good and easy to prepare to taste I think you should add vanilla, knowing that there mayonnaise felt but others did not understand nothing and like it!

Will you explain why you became my soggy !? Is it because I put 2 cups love the sugar is more sweet !? Otherwise, the taste is great! Passes Bookmark

I think very keik is such mayyonezata makes it so.

And the photograph visible.

is generally very good cake is not very dry, but left damp, because it is - nice and juicy. A second cup sugar I really see mnozhko because by putting on top and glaze gives it extra sweetness. I Peko 160 degrees lower and fan on the second level from the bottom and I had no problem. Bake is perfect to me for about 20 minutes far, but time depends on the oven. I hope I have been helpful.

time I wanted to do, and today his turn comes. It was a very nice cake, put vanilla and did not feel the taste of mayonnaise. Bake it and advise Pepi.

Desi, I'm glad that I was useful and the cake was received.

Hello, starhoten cake, but can you explain in more detail for amateurs, you know him, but for me it is difficult. Should be a preheated oven at which level should put the baking pan? Now begin to learn and I have not done before sweets. Thank you.

I forgot something else, you mix with chocolate butter or separate entitlement.

Hello, Yana:-) chocolate and butter are melted together in a water bath, thus forming a glaze that is still hot pour over cake and covering. I personally Paiute second bus upwards, ie almost halfway. Oven preheated to 180 degrees, so I always do, but in this respect there are many different opinions and each chef gives various tips:-) When I get well and I recently re-do it, because I have some curious friends who want to try it. Good luck and do not forget to report what had happened;-)

qna, in - down in the comments I wrote how I bake and I and I had no problem - get is perfect.

If you can make chocolate chocolate glaze, in a small vessel put to boil for 1 hour. H milk / water in a pinch / 1 h. H sugar, 2-3. L cocoa and 100 grams. butter .. The mixture simmer until thickened. Finally add chocolate essence.

is ideal. Straight no words. Many thanks for the recipe :) I got a picture :)

Hello, it was great, just could not cope with the glaze, I took the chocolate and it does not melt and even more hardened and became porosity. May have been a fake, nothing other way, so it learns :) my friend while I poskara nothing :) but still ate him

I do it for the second time. In the water I opened 1c. l instant coffee. I do not know of this change you, but I liked it more than the first time.

With milk mayonnaise if you do it will work?

With forward in the comments Ralitsa wrote that she made with milk and mayonnaise result is positive! Go boldly, Rossi!

Eyyy, unite me :) eyyyyy course with positive emotion I say. Let me first ask before you set out to do .. My degree oven did not work and I have no idea even how many degrees is stopped. What would you advise me to not remain raw cake. Indeed, after a little thinking to do, everything I have prepared.

PassionFlower, since you do not work degree, I suppose, and accustomed oven how to bake cakes and muffins on it. Pie Grill it in the same way as watch not to dry up and remain inside damp. You touch it with your hand above it shows whether baked or not. Hopefully I have not included the comment later.

No, not later :) I'm waiting for an answer :) Thanks for the information.I do not bake cakes anymore because I get mad with *this* threads in my oven and so ..

Rosset, I do not know how else to give you advice about baking. If someone else is on.

Cross your fingers, girls :) Now it pekaaa :)

I I open the oven after 25 minutes, check with a stick for barbecue if the match is no deposits cake is ready, if it deposits the heat yet, this very cake is not fickle not be afraid.

Here's the cake :) I hope so had to get on top I covered it with cream (cream there in caramel) and sprinkled with walnuts.

I never believed that it could become something sweet in the presence of mayonnaise but this cake became a Y-H - I - K -A - L E H - which has not tried it will not razbare what it is

I want to ask for water, which is added to the dough cool you must be?

I put cool water.

I put clean cold - obviously no H.

For me it was at room temperature.

Very easy and delicious cake. Girls what do you say ...? If you make a white cake / without cocoa, with vanilla /, will become ... a delicious cake?

Well, I do not know, maybe you do, but there will be this chocolate taste.Must try.And do not feel that way mayonnaise ...

try and believe - I personally chocolate cake of this I have not eaten - off. some shock. cakes - home even said it looks like a cake garage.Sugar completely mask the taste of mayonnaise. Just do not dare to use *Krasi* mayonnaise that is slightly acidic but a table of Olinesa or any dr.leka - nyavmate no problem