Juicy chocolate cake with cherries

Submitted by enr on 05 Jun 2013
300 g flour
200 g sugar
150 ml sunflower oil
150 g chocolate sprinkles
400 g pitted cherries
4 tbsp cocoa
4 eggs
15 g baking powder
1 vanilla
liquor of your choice: cocoa, cream, cherry
Juicy chocolate cake with cherries
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Heat the oven to 170-180 C. Beat the eggs with the sugar and vanilla until the sugar melts. Add the oil, and then little by little flour mixed with cocoa and baking powder. Mix well, but at a low level or with wire. Pour a chocolate sprinkles, kneaded dough and add liquor so as to obtain a creamy consistency, about 50 ml. Finally, put the cherries, often disconcerting, and the dough is poured into the mold for baking. The texture is a bit thicker than cake batter. Bake 60 minutes. Make a sample with a stick and cool completely before being cut. Sprinkle with powdered sugar or decorate optional. It can be baked in a rectangular tray of oven, then the cooking time is reduced by 20 minutes. * The liqueur can be replaced with fresh milk. * The pictures show the cake, baked by 1.5 dose. * Chocolate sprinkles can be replaced with grated chocolate. * The dose may be baked in any tray - the bigger, the thinner a cake. The biggest (rectangular, that goes to the oven) baking time is about 40 minutes. For a circular shape about 28-30 cm in diameter is about 1 hour.
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05 Jun 2013


It looks fantastic! And certainly taste will nevoroyatni!


Thank you, Manuela :) The recipe is simple, but delicious. Yesterday I did it and I was able to allocate only a few pieces for failure to come, otherwise eat all :)

I want to ask if I can use compote white chereshi- pitted and drained, and how to be like quantity h. H. Or other fruit?

Iliana, go about 2 pm. H. :) For other fruits do not know if you try, tell how it happened.

I forgot to ask for the size of the baking pan :)

dose may be baked in any baking pan - the bigger, the thinner a cake. The biggest (rectangular, that goes to the oven) baking time is about 40 minutes. For a circular shape about 28-30 cm in diameter is about 1 hour.

great cake, for now we have tried only warm, not cool ... wait no mistake, thanks for the recipe. I did it with chopped chocolate and milk instead of liquor.

dimidim, thanks for the nice comment :) I am very happy that the cake is on your taste. And cold is very delicious, I held the pieces aside in the refrigerator, not even packed, and today were still excellent taste :)

Rally, the most sincere compliments from all my family: GREAT CAKE! :) I followed the recipe exactly, the only difference: that smashed separate yolks from whites (became very fluffy) Peko cakes in long form. Served sliced ​​and sprinkled with a little icing sugar (jar of chocolate proved empty) :) The recipe remains permanently in the folder - Favorite desserts :)

iris, you sweet, I'm glad you like it :) Looks great! Thanks for the nice picture, like a cake :)

Rally, couldnt miss it :) This is my favorite combination - cherries and chocolate. Cake is amazing! Bravo for the recipe!

Reni, looks very tasty! Thanks to the favorable comment, it is good when the recipe is like :) iris, Reni, how vremetzase baking this cake pan?

How is baking time I mean - my cat jumped on the keyboard :) :)

Rally, the form in which it Peko is narrow and high cake became very thick and bake slowly. When I was certainly more than an hour (I'm shooting right). The bad thing is just that, and so slow cold (barely wait) :) :)

Thank you, dear :) I do not have a form and I have not done so, so there was no way to know for the time :)

Rally and I'm not shooting, but it was time for sure! I divided the dough into two long cake forms of these disposable aluminum baking (residue from the Easter cakes). :)

iris, thank you, dear :) Rezbrah, you bake as half dose, so shorter. Thanks for the clarification :)

Chocolate temptation with cherries! Top poured with melted chocolate. Exactly to our taste! Good night!

I delight, Milka :) I was also poured with molten chocolate :) Enjoy your meal!

get very tasty cake top with melted chocolate :)

Thanks :) Glad recipe is taken so good! Rather, I re-do it and I :)

Rally, thanks! All at home were enchanted by the end result, we like. :) Has only 100g. chocolate sticks. For this I decided to thoroughly soaked with liquid chocolate. Became chocolate fantasy! ;)

Bobby, I thank you! Great photos, looks very tempting! Enjoy your meal, dear :)

very tasty cake. I was Baileys liqueur and maaalko eg. Milk. Poprepekoh it and had to poizryazvam but it covered with chocolate, it was perfect. Very aromatic and fresh thanks to the fresh fruit. Thank Rally for delicious proposal :)

great cake. My husband was fascinated. Instead liqueur used milk. I Peko in long silicone molds for baking cake and took about an hour. Thanks for the delicious recipe! :)

Girls, it's great that you are happy with the cake :) What could be better than that? Iliana, I also used the Baileys, but with Amaru is very fragrant, although slightly different. My pritelka prepare it with Amaru and I give it a try, I can only recommend it, although liquor is pricey. Ili71, thanks for information on cooking in silicone forms, always glad as any clarifications :)

but very delicious cake and get me. Yesterday I did, and now there is nothing, all day children make that one has eaten more than the other :) Liquor and I did not put milk on top and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Rally please to share with you what it swept that looks so appetizing.

EMKA, thank you for the nice comment! It is very nice that the cake is your taste :) I had left some chocolates, yet where are they collected the Carnival of these cheapest, with only 30% cocoa. So they melted 3 pieces (100 g) and have mixed them with a little oil. They have so little cocoa that are not only bright, but not hardened and more :) They were creamy, not a glaze :)

Thank you too for the quickest response. To me like a sort of caramel glaze. And because I have a contract to do it again while still cherries, will pour in your way, I loved it.

Rally, the cake is fantastic, although prepared with ... strawberries! I ordered my boyfriend when he comes back to buy cherries, and he returned with strawberries! Anyway, next time will be with cherries! Peko for 40 min. At 175 degrees with a fan in Jena baking pan. The whole apartment smelled of something different, yet this is the first cake that I have prepared! Thanks for the recipe :)

Manuela, the pictures are gorgeous, as all your images! What it is with strawberries important to you is delicious, I'm glad that you have tried a cake and even the first attempt is so successful! I thought for the day to do it, but I do not have time. Now as I saw your score, and I feel like eating more ... Tomorrow I'll try to do it :)

Thanks for delicious recipes, like us much. We put the cake in the pan 30h20 cm and get thicker, but bake wonderful (to 160C fan for about 50 minutes). Used by cherry compote and liquor instead add some juice. If you stay until tomorrow and will put pictures :)

Nevi, very happy :) Hope photo :)

This cake is our favorite and prepare it several times. This time, boiled syrup from the sap of compost (about 1/2. H.) And 2-3. L. Sugar and flooded cake with him. Poppy very well and get even more juicy, like our very :)

Paul, a great idea! Looking at the amount of syrup to understand that rather you had sprayed him? Moist or only a few pieces sample? More hot does he added syrup? Many questions arose? Successful week :) I wish you and your sweet :)

:) Yes, syrup do not get much, but he and the cake does not need much. Nabodohme cake lightly with a toothpick and so took the syrup very well. Allow to cool cake and syrup - hot. Next time we'll do it more juicy with a little water to the juice. As an idea for some time (for special occasion) I intend to fill each cherry with white chocolate chunks :)

Well, it is undertaking with white chocolate! Watch to find chocolate drops, they have the right size to be able to fit in without the cherry to tear. To share how it happened and whether it is worth it :) And for syrup - will try next time.