Greek pastry Galaktobureko

Submitted by enr on 07 Mar 2010
400 g filo pastry
600 ml milk
100 g semolina
3 eggs
100 years of sugar
5 g baking powder
2 vanilla
margarine (butter)
# For the syrup:
2 pm .ch. water
2 cup sugar
Greek pastry Galaktobureko
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Beat eggs with sugar. Is boiled milk and remove from fire. Add semolina, baking powder, vanilla and egg mixture. Stir until a homogeneous mixture and return the stove to become as cream. In a buttered baking dish arrange half sheet, as between the peel sprinkled melted margarine (butter). Pour the cream and spread evenly. Ranks the other half of the peel in the same manner sprinkled with margarine. Bake in a preheated 200 C oven until ready (about 30 minutes). Finished cake to cool completely. Boil the syrup and pour cake (having previously cut into pieces). Leave overnight to absorb the syrup.
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07 Mar 2010


interesting add it to Favorites. Will try!

Very good I like to try goes to Favorites

Galaktopurikoto egg with milk cream. In galaktopurikoto never attended meal. What you're offered is the typical Greek bougatsa-Serres

dunia53, thanks for the info, my recipe is borrowed (see source) and I liked ... :) will read and bougatsa-Serres and if it will change the name :)

oops I to intervention, the recipe is a meal, never say never as not safe, open the Greek books and see, I guess you know and Greek.

name was just Galaktobureko, 1L of milk put 100 g meal and other products!

Good and simple.

Greek language can not forget it because it is my mother tongue. And that of Bulgarian distorted many of the recipes guilt search yourselves.

Do not argue, even if you did not properly written, the fact is that in Greek books for recipes present meal. In the recipe itself nothing Bulgarise no, wait, and your recipe to go, because it's your favorite dessert and my husband is Greek

name is galaktopuriko and is no bogattsa / they are made with thick filo pastry / and cream has always been with semolina and eggs, but when done in the original recipe can not notice it because the meal is fine, and buy from Greece. Not that happens with ordinary, but the result is quite different and the syrup is different Somoni with water and sugar I'm not sure if it would work

In Greek MP -B read and read galaktobureko as written in the recipe!

Today I made the cake and it was very nice, but not up. Has anyone had a problem.

GALAKTOBURIKOthus giving an islands of the Sporades group. *Gala *is milk, and* puff *-Oil of grutski language.Hence imeto.saglasna'm ggm.
Stefanell asking Greek.And to behave more politely ...

Danny dispute was about Galaktopuriko, read and then give your opinion. It is exactly as you wrote it is pronounced.

And do not write grutski language has become and your mistakes but is nagging.

i4eto3421, he did not rise much ... the cream should be a good basis ... with sprinkling of fat vurhu sheet not pressed ... next time :) and upload a photo of disputes name .. . Please, let's not argue-as admins is accepted it so the recipe, you're so ... who does not agree and insults on behalf of the source to write the recipe ...

His name, galaktoboureko, comes from the words milk (& # 947; & # 940; & # 955; & # 945; in Greek) and bourek (Turkish word origin Burek pie, so in reality it conveys meaning 'Dairy & # 949; & # 954; pie *or custard pie.

I read in the comments and thought that I was in a forum on *Elinistika*. I do not know exactly how to write the name, but I can say that the recipe is super! Easy to prepare and very tasty!

didi33 May faithfully poizlozhihme with this argument :) most important thing is that this is a great cake and that do-not sorry! Brides, thanks for the recipe!

did galaktoburekoto nice, but to tell you after so heated comments I expected something so :)

Yesterday for the first time I tried this cake, my friend brought Greek baking pan whole collection here. I do not know whether it is exactly this recipe. Frankly, the smell of eggs was so strong that at the beginning me straight away. After a few bites of the piece I was sure that I like, but my son and my husband barely managed to swallow it. Surely our regional Balkan taste play a big role in whether we will palatable, because the Germans indiscriminate ostviha it on their plates, only they began. Incidentally, my friend said that the filling is cream meal :)

For six months I had no internet buried around the Greek books of recipes and I saw that same recipe that is that given two names Galaktoburiko and also bougatsa

Very tasty and easy cake :)

Today I watched the making of the cake, the recipe of the mother of my girlfriend is definitely different. About 400 g of wafers which are thin, for baklava woman placed 1250 ml of milk, 6 eggs, etc. everything almost double. After sort cake - pastry-cream cakes, she joints about an hour in the refrigerator. Only then it sliced ​​and baked. Baking powder in the cream would. To put more than bottom half of the sheet, and on the top less. In the syrup had vanilla drops of lemon juice and zest. Icheto, cake rose slightly during baking, but then again you fell. Grandmother said that only tomorrow can eat to penetrate syrup everywhere. No sense of recipe Galaktobureko II, so this long comment :)

Great dessert. I followed everything in the recipe, though this baking powder in the cream surprised me. Ultimately, the result is fantastic.

Oh Elti, looks superb! Logged favorites will do soon I love everything with meal ..

Exactly - bougatsa is. Many disputes this very very tasty dish. Goes to Favorites!

Unique dessert we like at all! Thanks for the great recipe.

several times already do the cake and it delicious. I prepare the cream with 1 liter of milk and the other is the same

I'm going to do it tonight and I want to ask after adding all the products and return the mixture to the cream on the stove How long should boil?

In principle it only compression is not necessary to boil. Since then the cream and bake, you can not remain raw :)

looks delicious, tomorrow may try, cross your fingers to do, I've never meal, I hope I can do it

very tasty and juicy happened, not waited long to moist that I could not wait to try it, but it remained for tomorrow, so I'll try to see kkak will be. I have not put vanilla, and I essence of rum and put in syrup, became divine, bravo for the recipe

because I live in Greece and this cake is my lshtbimiya, and my opinion. This is exactly GALAKTOBUREKO I do it for many years, do not put baking powder, over the years changed the measures because here the specific complexity is the density of the cream should not be too thick, because when baked tightens further and when it was time for irrigation will such as concrete, put 2 eggs and is super to not smell like eggs put zest of orange and 2-3 vanillin, wants a good flushing when baked, not softened by syrupy. As bougatsa first not syrupy, peels are a little thicker, you can say that the cream alike. I hope I was helpful. The day after tomorrow I have name day and upload photos. It is worth a try, only you do not become a habit, especially if you like syrup. sweet. Good luck !!

really became concrete, sometimes without baking powder, and the longer I've baked and so tense, but it is great and so

Great dessert, served chilled is perfect for the summer heat! :)

I wonder whether the meal can be replaced with starch? What you will get?

I can not imagine it ... I assumed it would not be very successful.