Macaroni baked with eggs and sugar

Submitted by enr on 09 Oct 2003
250 g macaroni
1 cup (200 g) sugar
2 eggs
400 ml milk
2 tbsp breadcrumbs
60 g butter
1 vanilla powder
3 tbsp (30 g) powdered sugar
Macaroni baked with eggs and sugar
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Boil macaroni in salted water, drain and put in greased with butter and scatter breadcrumbs small pan. Prepare a sauce of milk, which are mixed sugar, eggs and vanilla. Pour the pasta with melted butter, then with topping. Bake in a hot oven to give a red-brown crust. Cut into portions and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
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09 Oct 2003


Easy, fast and tasty.

Great are these makaronki oven. Mmmmm.

Male, Male. They remind me of when I was in kindergarten. My favorite dessert was.

Great pasta! Traditional as grandmother made them! Are just wonderful!

If broken inside and some cheese ... it is already a classic!

are just divine, yet simple, yet delicious mmmmmm.

Very good recipe!

Many are those delicious pasta. I made them with brown sugar, because I did not white.

Super idea soon I was wrong for dessert baked macaroni, apparently his time has come for the children, which they loved!

A great recipe! I added raisins and caramelized result was excellent!

And I like them more cheese, if caramelize sugar like custard is made with great taste. Try!

To me this is a favorite. Before you boil the pasta, I bake them in the oven until golden. So the taste is even better!

I also add cheese. They are great.

Great and quick recipe. Their child very happy and eat with pleasure.

like me, but I'm not in BG and I can not find vanilla .. how to replace it?

Outside Bulgaria comes mostly vanilla sugar, as this that says Vanilla sugar with vanilla extracts from true and that that says vanillin sugar with artificial flavor, and vanilla in Bulgarian folded packets, this also vanillin. Good luck!

became very delicious recipe goes to Favorites, and added the pictures

But I do them when I have left noodles breakfast - even to have Cheese them - formed great salty-sweet taste!

Mmogo are delicious.

Hello :) I do them as 500g macaroni put 2 cups sugar, 3 eggs, 1 liter fresh milk and vanilla.

I put in a little Cheese and sugar instead of a sweet ... but it is a matter of taste ...

great Savannah, and I put a lot of cheese are delicious, and I put a picture :)

great all my family like them :) well done

EEEE viliya, your picture is great!

Very tasty obtained :)

very tasty :) Thanks!

I added and cheese were superb :)

A great recipe!

I saw this recipe and now they do, I hope the outcome will be positive! Thanks for the recipe

Easy and delicious with and without cheese and both ways are great.

Very nice! Regularly prepare them!

I now do them but pretty well received so I can say that are tested recipe

Splendid. I also put cheese sometimes become super! For some time I use only this recipe for pasta.