Cake cups in microwave

Submitted by enr on 08 May 2009
1 egg
4 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp sunflower oil
3 tbsp milk
2 tbsp cocoa or chocolate
4 tbsp flour
Cake cups in microwave
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Egg mix with sugar. Add other products and mix well. Pour the mixture into glasses. Put in MB at maximum power. Bake 4 minutes, when cool turn into a suitable dish. Sprinkle with crushed walnuts, chocolate / striped sticks, coconut. Optional inside can be put grated apple, chopped walnuts and other nuts.
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08 May 2009
Matze / BG Mom


Today first tried the cake and then let the recipe. Until now I have an experience with the cake in MB and he was unsuccessful ...
It was pretty nice cake - just 9 min. I did not put the cocoa and chocolate, but I reduced sugar 3s.l. I recommend it to you! Ideal for guests suddenly!

To say that it Paiute not in cups and pot in CF - will see in the pictures.

Today I made the cake with cocoa and a big difference! Much better!

easy and delicious. Bravo Reni super recipe!

Vida, very well look your cake! Thanks for the pictures! Are super!

Again I made the cake, but this time he poured on top with chocolate.

Oh this Reni, stocked us all with this cake. Became great, but I think that if syrup would be nice.

Reni me I got two candies, but 4 minutes. Zagora my first and second I put 3 min. And rose. Really nice sladkishche and only such a short time. I yesterday, you can not do it, but today it :) Barney and indeed as you say nenadeini ideal for guests

Vesi, CF are different power and this has been achieved so with you. Must be put in a wooden skewer as baking in an ordinary oven. Once you hit it and it works.

Renco to my surprise it natselih the second time (the second cup) but worth to try very tasty and it in no time. Probvaite!

Honey, Reni thank you very much for the great recipe. Peko it about 5 min., Perhaps because I put grated apple and cinnamon and moisten the mixture. Top it poured with powdered sugar mixed with a little water and 2kapki oil. Was very tasty.

Danny, I'm glad you liked it! You can try now with strawberries or cherries, while their season! Maybe to add photos!

Can milk be replaced with yogurt? I have not cooked cakes in MB.

Maggie certainly can, because that day I did my experiment with cake without eggs and put the mixture into a glass and Peko in MB and you became better, but less suhichko!

Thank Rennie, today if I have time I will. My MB is ordinary and use it only for heating and popcorn. If there is a will shoot :)

I continue to do experiments .... The last time they did a *zebra*!

Bravo for the recipe!

Very easy and delicious!

Maya Bonka, I'm glad you liked the recipe!

I like to Favourites! Only someone tell me how many cups as above out of dose and all together you put in MB?

A fruit compote someone quiz you and how you received?

Teddy, use duraleksovite coffee cups and do not fill up. Roast them all at once.

became super easy and quickly made his shock. gladura and became mucin. I did not even fresh ml. and replace it with yogurt and rose again. Dose I came out 2 cups full of tea just over half raw.

wonderful dessert

Thank Rennie for a great recipe - quick and tasty. Reni Bravo!

Reni, thank you for the wonderful recipe! Cake is delicious, and I added walnuts to insure-baking.

I only ask again misunderstood CF usually grilled or as popcorn / example /

is not grilled as you do popcorn :)

Today I did exactly the recipe, but it became a little hard and dry lest I have toast?

No, you did not toast just in MW-oven pasta all become so if they are not covered. I also did this cake and I get dry. If you submerge the juice or cream will is tender and juicy happens.

Hello ladies :) I tried it with cocoa and chocolate and it was great :) today with cream and white chocolate and get very good :) well done and are pretty easy retseptichka pie :)

I will do it

fast, easy, delicious!

How many cups and what comes out of this mixture. To me it seems that will be 2-3 up.

Reni, thanks for the nice recipe - became quickly and tasty. Prepared cake with two eggs and use silicone muffin baking pans. Rose 6 pcs. Added chokeberry from Сибирско sweet

Very good recipe! Just for unexpected guests :) And I had no milk, so I put sour. I added a little sweet prunes. Steeped in Sokcho on top of sweet and covered with whipped whites with sugar. Sprinkled with cocoa. The guests were happy :)

Wonderful recipe several times and tried to cocoa and cherries, with pieces of peaches, and today without cocoa, always with excellent results.

I just made them. Were 2 very fluffy liked me.