Shortbread mushroom

Submitted by enr on 03 Feb 2011
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup pork lard
2 vanilla
flour as you take
1 cup espresso coffee powder or cocoa
Shortbread mushroom
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In a bowl, add a little flour, sugar, eggs and melted lard. Confused well until a soft dough. Well the dough with your hands shape small balls. Each ball driven into the middle lemonade bottle whose neck dip in coffee. The resulting mushroom bake in preheated oven at 220 ° C
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03 Feb 2011


Sweet of my childhood, in which many enjoy. I love them. Thanks for reminding me about them!

Napomnimi childhood I had left it, will soon do them coffee are perfect!

Thank you for the nice words. Enjoy your meal.

Desi very successful made them. Jump like real mushrooms are! Another old time-tested recipe.

Can oil, I do not know whether we will find a mass shopping

You and oil. With mass are better. To remove specific scent, instead vaniyaliya can put grated lemon peel. Mass found in Kaufland.

thank you, tillia! I'll look there

I just pulled them from the oven and opitah- are amazing. I made them exactly the recipe with lard. Appearance could almost get like it, but the taste is great. Will get a picture. Thanks for the good recipe.

Wonderful recipe! Fast, easy, interesting :) I made them received very well, stay two or three days become even more delicious :)

A friend gave me the same recipe, but sweet shape as taralezhcheta. Great joy to have children.

sladki64e, very nice taralezhcheta!

napylniha my eyes with sylziot joy in beautiful thing I had ever seen - gorgeous are these sweet little taralezhcheta

sladki64e-are perfect! And I can not get enough of them .. Bravo!

Thank you for the nice words!

Excuse me, but with powdered sugar you make or crystal? Shortbread recipes I've met so far have always been with powdered sugar.

As I recall, I used powdered sugar. I think with crystal sugar will rise.

always makes them simple and not with powdered sugar.

Approximately, how should this *flour as you take* ...I am a beginner in cooking, and never spoke to me, how much should be soft, soft dough for shortbread ...
Minutes before I put them to bake, and now pogledanah have *melted*, *clumped*, it has become just a cake ...

billytooo, if you are able to shape the bottle probably dough was tight enough. Reason to be spilled during firing may have been that the oven was not sufficiently heated and instead Constipation immediately the oil part of the dough is gone.

And I like billytooo find such explanations vague, though I'm not so aspiring culinary. Nothing prevents to write as about 500 g and added that should be soft dough. I never begin such recipes.

Well dough, which I thought it was soft enough, it was too sticky ... Therefore, I have not shaped the bottle ... just unnecessary nerves I'd be ...
I did not in the kneading and pasta, so I have no sense ...
And I had no idea how much you should take ... put his 2h. h flour ...
And I were done with ordinary sugar, and must ask you to dissolve, melt ... because now I saw what had happened to my that is left of crystals ...

billytooo, sticky not be dough was apparently too soft - should still be able to form pellets, which then form a mushroom. Rally, I know it is annoying when not at least approximate amounts, but I know that sometimes it is difficult to ask. Comments Question recipes - if you wonder something, it is best to ask a question before cooking.

When someone is doing them said to the quantity of flour will try them again ... So ask for the oven, I not burn my 250 back when I started making the dough ... was heated upper and lower heat ...
So my question is, only the upper baking you bake?

Nevi, it is difficult, when one cook at home without the intention to publish the recipe. Then I would not be able to tell the precise quantities. But I know that it will publish a recipe approach accordingly. Not that I try to use a specific weight of flour, just draw the jar with flour before and after the addition. The difference is entered into the dough. She was round off and write *About*. If they were 437 g, 450 write. Not a big deal, but facilitates people.

Bake is a very hot oven from all sides :) While waiting can try some shortbread or other sweet - there are many to set precise quantities - such as Портокалови biscuits . Rally, and when I do so I have recipes, grab the cup and mete, although otherwise still drive around, you know that very precise amounts of current (and the rules and reviewing recipes), but the flour in the dough is all that *meter goes* in this regard.

critique my no means approach administrators, and in the attitude of the authors. Even in a blog I read all pleadings in defense of incorrect amounts of flour - what were the differences, what was the sense in mixing, and this was the only one that guaranteed the success of mixing. Bullshit. There are huge factories for baking cakes, Berliner, even every bakery here working with machines and weights. And again go gorgeous breads, donuts, croissants, etc. Without them touched human hand with measures to precise gram!

recipe is super. I can only add that the flour is really as you take sugar and crystalline. For those who can not work without measures sorry but some recipes really knows when the exact dose and about to watch from the books with weight.

oven heat up to 220 C degrees and flour is 600 grams, although it depends what cup will measure out the fat.

become super!

you can with others. butter want to try

They became really gorgeous! I wonder how some of occurs even other is difficult to hit the quantity of flour ... The store has prepared and with the right amount! Good appetite!

granci, Your comment is misplaced. Internet sites with recipes are modern books with recipes. So look here. Not you the one who determines who where looking for recipes to see whether here or elsewhere! The author now has given indicative amount of flour - 600 This is now something that can be worked, thanks. nelinka_pepi, your comment is just as disrespectful! And you wonder, and no wonder, the fact is that a certain amount of product enters the recipe exactly and it wanted to know we consumers. Let us say here that if we have no sense of dough are almost incompetent to bake cookies, and must be satisfied with store-bought goods, is less offensive. Gyulchan, try to Gee (clarified butter). Here with me in Turkish stores is the most amazing, bulk, gently melt oil bakery I have ever tasted! And they guaranteed NOT lard;)

Aliana, I do not care if you think disrespectful. Shorten to explain how the author had to write that even come up with the big bakery where everything was accurate. So exactly right I refer you to stores (large bakeries still working for them :)). This *certain amount* can maneuver, because the eggs may not be your same size and cup lard, therefore you do not have and sense of dough - the use of it by any measures :) Why does one write to you recipes do not know .. . There's got to give inclination to someone ...

The author has given quantity and cancels any discussion concerning the quantities of the products in this recipe. The comments you - though you repeat that telling users to opt to use recipes from the site and buy finished goods manifest outrageous insolence. This site includes many skilled to beginners cooking and recipes must be beneficial to all. You do not upload any recipe, so it is vain to explain the motives for publishing and good sense when you useful to others. And even climb to 2000 recipes, you have no right to behave in this way and to persesweet users of the site (even innocently calling it *targeting* to the shops).

I just got out of the oven. Received is great. Thanks for the recipe :)

I agree completely with Aliana! It is neither experienced nor for beginner chefs. And even less of it to buy books. At home I have a bunch of books and annual series of magazines, but my entry site is pleased to read how someone managed something or the difficulties encountered. This *eye* or *sense* did not suit me. This is disrespect for the visitors. Do not say that so often deplorable results disappointment of an otherwise good recipes and waste of products directory trash. I get respect, to avoid future such discussions. In confectionery is different from the ingredients to brew some even improvised dish. Here measures are of great importance. Even those measures in cups me difficult, if not specified their volume. One is to measure American standard glasses, another Russian in the stack (and there are two types), third in the Bulgarian glasses (the type design as cups, and so volumes). For this most rational and fair is to be given in grams, liters and milliliters. Except usually do tablespoonfuls and teaspoons. And once we are here, then we need this nice site, and that he only read books ... to read them yourself. Excuse my tone, but any call such and tat ... The question of principle! And bravo to desi_paci, which is thought of these beautiful sweet. I hope that in its next recipe is a little more specific. It does not matter what cup Merrill, as you indicated about 600 :)

I agree that it is better to specify such things, but now ye say, that with glasses, it is not just because there are different kinds of cups, then you say it does not matter if it's the glasses additions 600 g . I also apologize for my posts but when I make a recipe, first read the comments. Half of this recipe Comments are concerned flour. Aliana, I have not climbed recipes because I have no such *motives* and I do not want to do it, to find a person that tells me how much I was wrong recipe ...

nelinka_pepi, no one has said that the recipe is wrong, questioning in no way a criticism. Ultimately putting recipe sharing it with many people, it is normal to sometimes have doubts and questions, abnormal someone to insult than that. For tea cups - if not set volume is considered to be working with standard Bulgarian cup that is 200 ml.

did these shortbread. Became very quickly and are great to taste.

They became very easy and quite pleasant :)