Moist cake with milk

Submitted by enr on 03 Sep 2009
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1 cup milk
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 cup flour
# For the syrup:
1 and 1/2 cup milk
3/4 cup sugar
coconut for sprinkling
Moist cake with milk
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Soda dissolved in milk and all products are mixed. The resulting dough is poured into a greased and floured pan or baking dish. Bake in a moderate oven. Sugar for the syrup was dissolved in hot milk. Poizstinal cake baked and turns into a suitable tray or baking dish plate, prick a few places with a fork and pour the syrup. Once cool sprinkle with coconut and garnish optional.
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03 Sep 2009


I do syshtiya, but with yogurt instead of milk and put vytre walnuts or raisins, maybe nyakavo sweet. Becomes super

We'll try and your option, but not jam. I think that will be too - sweet and syrupy. But it's individual taste.

I wanted to say that it syrup when I do it with jam. Also provided with can be put and yabylki peeled and cut into small cubes.

This recipe I like. Add it at a favorite to make it.

Wow me it seems easy, but if you can :) but *bake* in microwave oven?

I do not have a microwave, but if it can bake cakes, pies, pastries - no problem.

My option is for syrup containing cocoa or melted chocolate! I'm a fan of the aircraft. Shokolaaad with!

will take options syrup! Home will be delighted.

Very tasty cake already added to the favorites,

will do it must be very tasty

Try and think that you will not regret. And girls with good ideas.

Run to do ... Oh, and I feel good: /

Super camp. Liked it a lot with my boyfriend. BRAVO for the recipe.

Tony, I am very glad that you liked the recipe!

It looks very tasty, and seems easy to prepare. I just want to ask you managed soda to dissolve, because I always I've dissolving in yogurt, you will feel the taste much if dissolved in milk?

Milencha, baking soda dissolved in milk and not feel then. Cake is delicious and easy. Will not be disappointed.

Thank you, soon I will.

recipe seems easy and very tasty and tomorrow I plan to surprise her boyfriend with her. I would just like to ask you to put baking powder or soda is not mandatory?

Mima, baking powder is not necessary, only the ash, as described above. I wish you success!

very well received. Thank you tillia :)

Boyana, very glad that you like cake!

recipe goes to Favorites, and I in kuhnyatya :)

Stefi, well you received the cake! So it seems in the picture. I hope you and was delicious. hris_07 - will wait Reviews you, and if you have a picture.

I liked the cake, I syrup with strawberry syrup and I poured honey :) mmm

hris_07, imagine how aromatic became! Thanks for the interesting suggestion!

Quick and delicious cake! Home very liked it! Thanks for the recipe!

Thank you nancy. I am glad that you like and you have been delicious.

:-D I put strawberry jam became mmmnogo nice.

Loni, I'm glad that you tested the recipe and accept it!

Now I did, we like:) Thanks for the recipe :)

Snow, I'm glad the positive review! :)

freshly made cakes and get well, I did it with yogurt and became great.

vasilka89, fresh milk with 1 h. H. Yogurt you replace it, or any other amount? Thanks for the idea, the next making cake will try :)

be nice with a cup of yogurt and baking soda in it, and put a little vakpulver to products :)

I was very skeptical about the cake, especially when I saw the mixture of baking, but get a very tasty cake :). Next time I'll do it entirely chocolate. Will add 2 with. L. Cocoa mix and syrup with chocolate milk. Will not put sugar in milk, I think I can save :)

Ive is normal with skepticism to treat some recipes, even as they try to become our favorite! I am very glad that you liked the:) I like your offer of cocoa. A sugar - as you taste, so make it :)

Cocoa idea came after I tried the cake. Tastes like cake, which buy a kilogram. Cut on two covered with jam and top sprinkled with coconut. I really liked the recipe :). Besides is very economical :).

I am more economical and quick recipes with affordable for most households products! :) I give the idea did everyone adapts to your taste :)

intrigued me and already baked. The result later.

did make a great cake was the dessert of Nettle (dock, salt bush) with dry red peppers once again assure that the recipes added by you are very successful and delicious! thank you :)

online87, thanks for the kind words! I am glad that you have decided to try the cake and you like the result! :)

tillia thanks for the great retsepta- became very, very tasty :)!

design765, I thank you that you have trusted my offer! :)

so easy and so delicious!

Adelina, I am very glad that you are happy with the cake! :)