Chocolate layered cake with creme brulee

Submitted by enr on 16 Apr 2010
# For the base:
6 eggs, separated into yolks and whites
160 g bitter chocolate
225 g butter
1 cup sugar
1 cup white flour
# For the cream:
500 ml milk
1 cup sugar
6 yolks
20 g gelatin
200 g pastry cream
1 vanilla
# For quilt:
200 g bitter chocolate
125 g butter
1 banana, sliced ​​Decorating
Chocolate layered cake with creme brulee
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While the oven is heated to 180 C ( recommended by blowing), prepare the base. Stir soft butter with sugar until fluffy cream. Melting chocolate in a water bath or in the microwave on low power for about 3 minutes (while periodically checking and stirring). Add the chocolate to the butter mixture. Stirring with a spatula. Add the egg yolks and again mixing until a homogenous mixture. Add flour 2-3 times as much stirring gently until fully absorbed. Beat the egg whites of hard snow and gradually add them to the mixture, stirring carefully to allow the dough to remain fluffy. For baking pan with pendulum bottom, her cover with baking paper and smeared the walls with butter. Pour the mixture, smoothing and bake 45-50 minutes in average oven. Readiness check with a wooden skewer. Once the base is baked, let it cool completely at room temperature before you cut it in two. This time will be enough to fully prepare the cream. Mix the milk, cream, egg yolks and sugar and boil on the stove to boil. Dissolve the gelatin in a little water, boil it and add to the warm mixture. Leave the cream to cool and harden. Vadim up the cold base form and with a sharp knife cut the base slightly horizontally as you mark where you want to cut the. I used a thread to do the rest. Careful adjustment thread around the base, so that it is made in exactly the knife slot. Cross the two ends of the thread and start to gently pull forward until the base slice into two equal parts. To shape the cake, put the bottom of the base again in the form of pendulum bottom, but without paper for baking. We send down on it the cream, cover it with the second half of the base and put in the fridge until tightening cream (it takes about 3-4 hours). When the cake is ready (sandwiched) her take out the shape and move it on a tray or serving plate. Do as melting chocolate couverture chocolate and the butter in a water bath or in the microwave on low power as we take the bowl stirring occasionally. 1 Cut the banana into slices and dip them in the chocolate mixture. Put on board to cool while cover cake with chocolate couverture. Using a broad knife smoothing chocolate and tip rights arcs or any other forms on it to get a grooved surface. Decorate with chocolate banana pieces and put in the refrigerator until the chocolate tightness. * The products are cake with a diameter of 24-26 cm. * I got the idea for this cake from my muse Danny ( http: // vkuhniata. wordpress. com), but due to lack of chestnuts decided to choose another cream gluing the bases. I considered many recipes and eventually did something alone that resembles a creme brulee.
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16 Apr 2010


We will try to Favorites!

I envy those who have served this cake!

Bravo! Looks delicious.

Thank you for the nice words! Try to make it and you - will see how delicious!

The cake is very seductive, mmm! Well have invented the cream, I do not know how it is with chestnuts, but your recipe I'm sure it will be very juicy!

In favorites, bravo!

Great recipe. I made out before two days, as udvoyh dose occasion birthday and it was very tasty. All loved it. But I have one question about the cream. Many found it difficult to make it. I followed everything that was written in the recipe, but always tight part of Crimea float to the top of the container, and bottom left watery part. Is this normal or is wrong somewhere in its making?

@ linnadelcheva, I do not think messing on me too hard I get - I followed a recipe, but it was not as writing, so finally had to improvise to make it tight enough cream to keep the layers the cake ...

I did a bit her lazy (ready cake) and it was pretty good! :)

Hello, I ate this cake is very tasty, but I was making the second problem. First, swamps while baking up pretty much as a cold, became leathery and does not look so fluffy like the picture. And second, the cream was not tightened, and that all up my cross, I did everything from recipe ... please help me a lot I want to do good!

I had no problems with swamps ... it is very important what the stove, what are the products that you used ... A cream, the only thing I can come to mind is that perhaps you put the gelatin mixture in too hot or you make to boil (boil) and so has lost its ability to gel ...

However, I am 16 years probably because of my experience, but by the way when you stay in the refrigerator a day or two, unique tasty, just ... but next time will optam to make it perfect :)

To limesss - Sunny very well describe what should be done - but has its subtleties - the rule is there are no large temperature differences in the products mix. First marshes. This is so on. Sponge dough - without raising agent. The oil must be softened at room temperature and has a quality fat. To break well with the sugar: the sample in the following way - you take the mixture with your fingertips and rub - no sugar crystals or try to taste. Another option is to smash a water bath. Pour the chocolate to a whole trickle - no large temperature difference between the two mixtures. Adding the egg yolks one at a time - not via hranilnika and warm. In addition to proteins / by them are blown / first pour half and mix with a spatula or large spoon - top-down / not as beating eggs for omelets / and then the rest. Do not confuse a lot. They baked their marshes in too high heat - top is crusted ie. Sealed him, and inside was a little raw. For the cream - it is better to do it on not very high temperature t. Is a low heat. Leave it to cool down about 45-50 C and then to put the gelatin. See a picture of a similar cream recipe to Charlotte Russian with strawberries - that yellow in the pot :).

I apologize! - *Are not straight from the fridge and warm* - Be careful using the automatic correction of spelling of Mozilla Firefox

and cake, which prepared for a birthday, made on this recipe! Assembly used: Cream sweets Chocolate etc. Oetker, for decoration cut into small cubes sponge (bought) crust, pour caramel! It was a great cake! Will support their opinion with pictures that make my husband! :) Recipe leave for permanent residence in a folder Favorites cakes!

Bravo Vesko - excellent photographer is :) I loved your idea to decorate the cake - it looks very tasty!

Thank you, Reni! Despite all the failures (which I told you) about the preparation of the cake, the end result is brilliant - I'm definitely pleased! :)