Liver oven

Submitted by enr on 18 Sep 2008
700-800 g pork liver
1/3 cup sunflower oil
3-4 tbsp flour
1 tsp savory
Liver oven
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Well wash the liver is cut into cubes about 4 4 cm (maybe slices), add salt and sprinkle with savory. Each piece add some in flour, then in sunflower oil and arrange in a greased baking dish. Pour 1/3 cup water, cover with foil and bake in a moderate oven.
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18 Sep 2008


As previously referred liver is not too?

Maggie will not become stiff. Under foil stew and remains soft.

Thank you, dear. Today'll try it.

In flour can put a little bread crumbs and the mix Roll livers.

Onions you put on the liver or so it seems to me?

Lily, I prepared it exactly as I described it, and upload photos. The other two pictures and I think with onions, but whether it complied with the recipe or otherwise prepared liver, I can not say. Would be happy if you do and share your opinion.

Tomorrow we will come to visit a friend who loves liver and I decided to do just that for dinner. I thought it fried, but I did not want, but because of heartburn avoid frying, and I want to cook for yourself during this time to prepare salads and to sort the table, so this recipe is exactly my taste! Will definitely do it, then I'll write how it is received.

I did it tonight, as I used an idea from another recipe site - Свински liver with wine and cream . Was very tasty.

Milena, I'm glad that you liked and received something delicious! Me also I like recipes Pepa, so no doubt the best combination that you did.

Finally I did it, but instead of water I put a little white wine and garlic paste, and then it took him sprinkled with a little lemon. Became super tasty. Thanks for the recipe.

Lily, thank you that you have tried the recipe, and invested his own thing in her and enriched her!

It was great, just added a glass of red wine and a little water.

I will try these days. Thanks for the recipe. I was wondering how to prepare liver and is ratsnoobrazno of classic grill.

katy19798, thank you that you have trusted my offer! I am glad that your first successful recipe from the site and I wish you success in the further use of the diverse and delicious recipes here! :)

ceckavd, hope you like it! :) I try to avoid frying in the kitchen / rather suffocate / and thus making the liver like me.

I also avoid frying. I have a problem with your stomach, so look for recipes with no frying.

Great work! Incredibly delicious, quick and easy meal! Drobcheto became very ill!

Mmmm! Very tasty! Last night I read the recipe and today I woke up with an enormous desire to prepare such a cancer. Already eat and am very pleased! :) Thanks Tilliya!

Snow, I'm glad that you liked the recipe :) With some products, but delicious! :)

Iagoda, I enjoy that you trust your recipe and happy! :)

It was awesome delicious! I added onions, which zapekoh with liver. It was very good :). Thanks for the nice recipe!

Karra, thank you! I am glad that you used your idea and was delicious! :)

Ina, congratulations! :) Taste liver oven, my family not eat. I added flour to breadcrumbs, as you wrote below. I added my only ground garlic. Thank you, dear! ;)

Thank you, Bobby! And I'm dovolva when you was delicious :) Thanks for the addendum will take!

Girls now tried the recipe, but nothing happened, as the liver is cooked, but above all a mess. Obviously I'm a little heat consumed or low oven or do not know. Please, writing recipes, specify how long to bake and how many degrees roughly means *moderate oven*, though men and read recipes;)
Thank you :)

bekareli, moderate oven is generally about 180C, but every oven is different, so only you know how bake as time - just look at him 20 minutes after it began to bake and then try to 10. If you became a mess, maybe something was not quite right with the meat itself, the recipe is very basic, and if you performed without changes do not see what could go wrong.

xevi, thanks for the reply. exactly Peko and I, about 180C, about 40 minutes, but the water and the money did not allow the flour and breadcrumbs to gain baked kind, and stood slurries, meat became. Next time will be all :)

bekareli, 1/3 h. H. Water is quite a bit ... If you become very watery remove foil and bake it to poizpari water (just be careful not to dry up, they will become tough).

bekareli, sorry for the unfortunate! I can hardly add anything more to what Nevi wrote. Thanks Nevi! :) I've written another time - use oven gas or electricity. Meals differently baked and different times, although prepared in the same manner and to bake at the same temperature. Everyone knows the oven and should be tried. :) Water is not much - for this amount of cancer are 5-6 with. L. As soon as you received, put the dish in very hot oven for 10-something minutes and then reduce to medium heat. In some dishes so proceed - as a boil, reduce to finish cooking over medium heat. I sincerely wish you success! :)

Thank you, tillia, so I will do next time, because I really like drobche :)

I ask that you 1/3 oil or water because he writes oil and never wrote for water only when prepared already in baking pan mention of water.

pieces liver Roll in oil - it is mentioned in oil products. In pan pour 1/3 h. H. Of water.

Tonight gras prepared and was very tasty and even got a picture, thanks for the recipe goes to favorites.

ani4ka12, thank you for the picture to the recipe! :) I'm glad that you were satisfied!

Yes it was very tasty home everyone was happy and fed.

Incredibly tasty, quick and easy meal! Congratulations! :)

Thank you, Iliana! I am happy that you had usladilo! :)

Once again prepared for this great recipe! :)

Oh, that appetizing, with this little sauce that you left! :) Bobby, I'm glad that you did again this recipe!

Thank you, Ina! :) I had to serve and baking pan table because the sauce. Troubled I have anemia and often prepare. ;)