Submitted by enr on 01 Aug 2009
1 kg of flour
2 eggs
100 ml sunflower oil
cube yeast
# For the filling:
300 ml yogurt
250 g of crumbled feta cheese
3 eggs
colored salt - optional
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Knead the dough from flour, eggs, the oil, salt, yeast with lukewarm water, make a soft dough and kneading until no longer sticky. Leave 30 minutes to rest and effervescent. In a large bowl beat eggs with yogurt and crumbled feta cheese. Chopped dough of various size and shape pieces and put them in the bowl with the filling. Mix everything carefully, leave for another 20 minutes and bake in greased pan about 200 C. The ready tutmanik sprayed with water and cover to soften.
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01 Aug 2009


to ease but what happens to yaitsata? cooks if they remain out of the dough

Maybe I misled as I wrote stuffing and therefore your question is accurate. Milk, eggs and cheese welded dough pieces and should not enter into the dough, there already has 2 eggs :)

Wow, this is really super easy! Bravo!

For the dough I went 450 ml of warm water. Furthermore warmed and yogurt (450 g) directly pot put it in a bowl with warm water, so that the pieces continued to rise for him. I put another 100 grams of butter, spread on top. Became something very tasty! And just for people like me, with not much experience in kneading. Greetings mother's recipe for good, I guess it was her;-) If not - greetings are for you:-)

Bravo Rally! You look nice. Glad you liked cheese cake, often do at home. About a year ago I found this recipe on the net, I do not remember the site, but I liked that no sharpening and is quick and Leno and very tasty.

Le-le interesting recipe for a cheese cake I had read, I have free time will definitely do!

I forgot to thank Rally photos hast accurate picture of how it is done. Rally Bravo!

Very interesting recipe, i.e., method of preparation. I do not know how I missed it! I put in favorites and will soon try it interesting for me what happens! :)

Hey, srahotniya recipe. Prepared everything already roast. If so delicious as it smells ... Bravo!

became top, bravo, super easy and super delicious recipe. I even did it with the finished dough and then made like the bite - wonder

Here's a picture from me! I added chopped sausage-stuffing at home are all carnivorous ...

Last night I did become great. Bravo!

Thank you for the nice and easy recipe! Very tasty, and the quantity is enough ...

Congratulations delicious recipe!

Thank you for your kind feedback! Glad you liked the result.

At last I've done. Get well!

Again I did and quickly ate quickly, but why so-called stuffing, still falls at the bottom of the baking pan?

Very tasty naitina. I made one baking pan snack but it already halfway through so toss another dose in the oven so there and husband for tomorrow morning

mimsi, try to izpechesh in a small pan. Thanks for all your feedback!

incredibly delicious and easy

Yesterday I made this cheese cake - became very tasty! Definitely this recipe regularly will prepare :)

Thank you! Glad you like it!

became really great thank you very much

Mmm just trying tutmanik became divine. This is the first cheese cake, which I poluchava- puffer, baked good. Just not understand baking pan must be only greased or floured.

Only greased :)

Thank Aliana. Since the last time I forgot to put the score will be corrected now.

Rally, thank you for your reply in time for me!

Roughly how many large pan bake

Not very large, more baking pan filling all fall to the bottom.

o chudesiyka - will test it and we breakfast

I might I made this recipe and it was a great swell and very tasty

Again cheese cake for dinner on this recipe again and a great result!

Incredibly tasty, quick and easy ...

unique recipe incredibly easy to implement! Extremely aromatic cheese cake, the idea of ​​the author added savory, fenugreek and chilli. Thank Alina for the specified amount of water and oil. It would be better if the basic recipe above to add the right amount of water.

gorgeous cheese cake! We ate him happy :) Upload and photos.

really easy and delicious recipe! Since a large enough pan, made two dose baking pans, respectively were several pieces cheese cake and the next day - still taste is just a little bit more crumbly, but not a problem. I think I'll try next time to knead the dough and stuffing directly, I hope I get a juicy (less suhichka happened inside). Thanks for the recipe, on behalf of the whole family :)

A great recipe! Fast, easy and delicious!

This recipe no mistake, do I not know how many times and each time was delicious. Thank you!

With a lot of effort to obtain. I think it is important to write the recipe in how much water you are putting or just mention that you have plenty of water. I I did miracles to come to anything. It's nice to say roughly how much salt should be put.

gkostova04, there are recipes in which the authors are not used to measure water / flour and make an eye, you're right, it is more convenient to have at least approximate quantities. You how much water you took? Salt - see there is more complicated to say - it depends on the cheese. What I use is pretty salty and this amount of flour would not put more than 1 hour. L., That even less.

gkostova04, and I am most comfortable when a specified amount. Therefore, as do any of the recipes, write a comment and mention how much I enjoyed. And in this recipe - see comment number 4. Rules I have at least 7-8 times and always orient and leave me a comment;)

Thanks for the answers. I admit that not all the comments I read - it is very labor intensive. As written in the recipe, I 'yeast in lukewarm water *understand it as* yeast dissolved in a little warm water. * Probably in my problem, but I think very confusing. A to comment №4 reached until I was almost bezizkodno position and I thought I would have to throw away everything and do another snack.

great cheese cake. My daughter do it quickly, but we more quickly and ate it with great relish. Thank Aliana comment №4.

Extremely easy, delicious and successful recipe. 2 times I do it and it works. Today took a half dose dough with a dose planka- became even more juicy and almost the same quantity. I distributed a little oil on top and you eat it with a jug of cold buttermilk. Without much kneading, no grinding and bending and extremely tasty. Bravo! :)

recipe really worth it, is easy to prepare and unassuming. I especially liked the moment of breakage of the dough pieces - for a moment I thought of nothing like and doubts about the final result. During baking, however tutmanik rise very well and gained finished. In the kneading of the dough portion of white flour, about 1/3 of it swapped with wholemeal. If you want to be more juicy think also brings more than filling.

Thanks for the recipe, it was awesome :)

Very tasty and quick cheese cake. At home I thought that would not get this taste, but it became and will surely do it often. :)

Quick and easy to prepare. We are very pleased with the result.