Danube Waves (Donauwellen)

Submitted by enr on 13 Aug 2010
# For the base:
750 g of cherry compote, pitted
250 g soft butter or margarine
200 g sugar
5 eggs
375 g flour
20 g cocoa
3 equal tsp baking powder
1 vanilla
pinch of salt
1-2 tbsp milk
# For the cream:
1 package pudding powder
100 g sugar
500 ml milk
250 g soft butter
# For glaze:
200 g of dark chocolate
2 tbsp sunflower oil
Danube Waves (Donauwellen)
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Oil tray size 40x30 cm. Heat the oven to 180 C. Sour cherries (cherries) drain the juice and put on kitchen crepe. Base: The butter (margarine) is stirred with a mixer in a bowl. Put the salt, vanilla and sugar, and is broken down to a smooth mass. Put the eggs one at a time, stirring between them to take the front. Mix the flour with baking powder and added twice to the mixture, reducing the speed of the mixer. 2/3 of the mixture is spread in the tray. To the remaining third is added cocoa and milk, and is distributed on the bright mixture. Place the cherries evenly over and pressed to sink. From pinching at the base are formed waves in cutting visible. If your ceiling is shallow board is made from folded aluminum foil, lest the dough runs out. The base bake 40 minutes and leave to cool completely. Cream: pudding is boiled with milk and sugar. Bats foil and leave to cool. The butter is stirred with a mixer, put it to the pudding and stir until smooth mass. If balls pass through a sieve. Prevent the butter pudding and have the same temperature. The cream is spread on the base and left for 1 hour in the refrigerator. The glaze: Chocolate is broken into pieces and melt with the oil in a water bath. Pour cream on tight with a special pastry comb or just fork it is made wavy pattern. Allow to harden again. Cut to rectangular pieces immersed in hot water knife which was washed after each cut. * The base is not removed from the pan, cool it and it is finished cake. * There is a version that does not put chocolate and cherries thick syrup. Then when putting the cream is made a right, then the syrup is poured carefully everywhere. * For 20 pieces.
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13 Aug 2010


tempting and hopefully delicious cake. Goes to favorites. These days will do it and I'll write about the outcome.

Rally, great recipe. And easy and delicious it is! Doing it will make a colorful glaze of white and brown chocolate :) If you put a banana, what would happen? I would rather put my cocktail cherries, yellow, green and red!

Vesi, I do not know about bananas. This is such a traditional cake here, sold in all bakeries and is always the same. I've never seen or eaten with other fruit, except cherries / cherry. Try, if you wish and report:-)

Aqua to a delicious cake, if at least one night stand, is even more delicious.

Very beautiful waves. This cake is one of those ... photogenic. I oriented cherries (I think those will be best). Very tasty sounds.

I'm sure it will be very successful pastry / cake. Put in favorite and will try. Put and assess because the pictures look so delicious ...

It is very good and looks delicious

Looks great! Will try, but how will overnight ...

Yes, occupies a lot of space in the fridge ... but when impatient eat half and half longer stays quiet:-)

Aliana, somewhere on the net I met a recipe for this cake, but the waves made them otherwise and did not work. Your option is much easier and will be fielded immediately, tonight.

Today we caught the crest of the wave with this recipe:-) It is very tasty. Angered me a bit sour cherries (compote bought from the store, cherries were overcooked. I removed the hard stones without cherries turned into mush, and then pushed them into the dough straight smash). But anger me as mine tried it - is great!

I am very glad for the best final result and that your taste:-) Send one piece and now;-)

Very well indeed have you received waves, Elti! A cherry sweet will it be better?

And this amount cherries (750 grams) of how the compote is?

amount is the fruit of two jars 720 ml, as drain are 580 g cherries in a jar, taking away the stones is set quantity - 750 +/- a few grams. 720 ml jar is the most common standard here. For fruit jam I do not know. Cherries recipe contribute to juiciness of cake and acidified note. If you are sweet, can stay dry and become very sweet, I do not know. If the sample report:-)

I slowed products half dose (that I read 20 pieces and I saw). I used a jar of cherry compote (but with a compote of fruit store is to cap, not like homemade).

Aliana, sending pieces (cmon not one that all have). Thanks for the recipe.

Aliana, powdered sugar you use to swamps or sugar crystals?

Crystal sugar, Benny:-)

tempting recipe would complement BEAUTIFUL. Soon will try and hope to get.

Annie, success! :-)

Some did you cocktail with fruit?

pami999, looked on the net and read some nakade not be replaced with anything. If under fruit cocktail understand these candied, I think it is not worth to try. First, because they are juicy and somewhat rubber and secondly, because they are just sweet, no taste of fruit and sugar only. Cherries in the recipe on the one hand give juiciness, on the other hand, the acid component and have their own taste. If you do decide to try, tell how he received:-)

cake is gorgeous! I did it with frozen cherries, next time I will try with cherry compote. Finished in no time. Aliana thank you for the great recipe! :)

I am very happy! Put pictures if you did:-)

Unfortunately I did not take pictures, but soon will again prepare the cake, my son's birthday and are great for cakes (his opinion) :). Will try to upload photos then! :)

I did the cake, the recipe exactly. Received waves and became tasty but not swell as expected. I cut it into 2 and I did two floors. Next time I bake it in a cold oven and may be obtained.

In what sense did not blew? Remained testyan you? Pastry has air and fluffy like cake. None of German pastries and baked goods is not as Bulgarian cakes, more like muffins are - more compact and moist. This is from the oil.

On the contrary, baked good and not testyan just high two fingers. The pictures I see that is quite pompous and from there I thought me something I do not get, but to trickery. I noticed that when you bake cakes in a cold oven I really inflate, and in warm u. average, although the stove is modern. Despite my worries, all liked the cake and asked for the recipe. Thank you!

Again I made the cake. Became great and as I promised I uploaded pictures! My guests were impressed because it was something new and different. Aliana again thank you for the recipe! :)))

Thank you so much for the pictures - looks great! Glad you delicious:-) Only now I see that Aqua wrote. 2 finger height is ideal, just as it should be:-) See the last pictures: a plate a small fork. Marsh is high roughly as large cottage:-) So your fuzzy is exactly as it should be:-)

Miroslava great arrangement! Bravo!

Rally, great performance and perfect pictures! (As always) :) Congratulations!

Villas, thanks :) Long had no comes the cake and almost did not stay, I was able to set aside the last pieces to photograph them :)

It looks gorgeous :)

Thanks :) cake worth it.

Rally, looks great, so tasty and beautiful! :)

Rally, congratulations from me! :) Very beautiful photos and taste just do not want to think! ;)

Bobby, Reni, thank you, girls! I can only encourage you to try it out (Y)

glaze on top was very hard and my crush cutting. Rally pudding is white, cream perhaps, is my vanilla. Made in two baking pans and the trial version without chocolate syrup and cherries - sweet, which was my row. Disappeared in minutes, without this chocolate became more soft and juicy. When it used the pudding *Malina*. Sorry about the pictures are a little bad.

Lubbe, the cream is white because it is creamy and it put extra whipped sour cream and therefore more dense layer as a whole is almost twice as much. Glaze made with much more fat, but again tightened in the fridge, so cut with a hot knife. I have never seen with raspberry cream, it was interesting and I want to try, but here I bought in Bulgarian store starch raspberry ... and was very uncomfortable to say the least, I do not know what starch Germans enjoy their puddings are soft velvet and this Bulgarian starch was somehow sissy, I apologize for the unpleasant word. Dr. Oetker pudding raspberry there, but not everywhere, this cream is not popular here in Germany. I find, will buy to try it again as the time comes.

RALLY, abs correctly I sensed that there was something special in the cream pudding :) you are using is just Dr. Oetker. But other species are eaten by top chocolate is eaten alone, but the cake was covered with quince jelly-home and get a very good combination. Anyway, pretty modify it, but the important thing is that I tried, because I had long ago thrown Merak. :)

Good for you :) And as to the cream - the recipe is placed ago and I am also experimenting. I try to hit Commercial Premium, but with sour cream does not seem the same. Next time I will add bits liquid.

It was a very spectacular cake, but frankly oil cream is very heavy and I replaced it with something better.

Gerganche, dear, it's so traditional cake. I've never thought I :) of course, that can change the cream. But there is this cake :) Try to break the cream of snow and add pudding and spoon on a spoon. A friend had done such a cream. I think it will suit. :)

phone changes on their own writing

Rally, I admit that I made a half dose, but almost all of its own and I ate it with pleasure! I really wanted to be healthier, but alas. I'll try and cream. I first eat this cake, so I have no basis for comparison.