Easter kozunak thread

Submitted by enr on 23 Feb 2010
8 eggs (2 yolks separated spreads before baking)
2 kg of flour type 500 (sifted)
250 g butter (warm, it goes to kneading the dough)
250 ml sunflower oil (for kneading shallow)
500 g granulated sugar (can further to 100 g)
500 ml milk
rind of 1 lemon, finely chopped
juice of 1 lemon (strained)
1 tsp salt
2 vanilla
10 drops rum essence
50 ml milk grip of yeast
40 g live yeast (about 2 kg of flour)
crystal sugar for sprinkling kozunakste before baking
1-2 tbsp water (not cold and room temperature)
Easter kozunak thread
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Dissolve yeast in 50 ml milk and flour (to become thick as boza), leave a warm place to rise. Mix the milk with the eggs and sugar. In flour put chopped zest, lemon juice, vanilla, rum essence and warmed butter. Broken milk with the eggs and sugar interfere with flour confused with listed products, while tackle the whole meal. Messi continued until many blisters on the dough. Allow the vessel equipped with three times the size of the resulting dough. Cover with a cloth and leave to rise at least 3 hours. Portions of the risen dough is short kozunak less (1 ball) on an oiled table, greased with sunflower oil in hands form wicks (4-cm diameter ) and knit braid of 3 or 5 fuse. Each braided kozunak put in an oily and floured metal narrow and high court (with volume three times larger than the resulting entangled kozunak). While knitting the kozunak dough falls, so do not tighten very shallow. Court should not be much larger than the resulting knitted kozunak, but it is important to be high in order rises as not to spill away and be lifted up. Again, leave to rise in a warm place, covered with a cloth while fill 1/3 to 1/2 of their vessels. Beat two egg yolks with 1-2 tbsp water and very soft and thin brush smeared carefully without pressure leavened braided kozunaks. Sprinkle with sugar and bake in oven weak, as not open the oven first 20 minutes. Slightly open and monitored, but not very often and as crack, slightly increases the oven and bake until so readily apparent at our discretion. Not draw immediately from the oven, leave a little to stay open door of the oven off. * Milk should be slightly warm. Eggs, lemon juice, lemon rind, the essence of the room temperature. The oil, which form wicks also slightly warmed. * Optional before baking with sugar can sprinkle raisins, chopped orange peel. * From personal experience I know that it is important to not cold products and good to knead until obtain many bubbles. Also wait to rise good both times and will be pleased with the result of the work. * It is important to bake low oven.
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23 Feb 2010


In Viligden hope to supplement recipe with nice pictures.

takes a long time brings good work.

Wonderful recipe, Nelly :) Only issue - the oil is heated to melt or soften?

As regards the smells of the cake I use cardamom + gum + mahlep grains, digest it with machine coffee and add to the tests, which the rind of lemon and orange and vanilla. Mahlepa not know if it's in BG and his name are malkisvetlo brown grains. When you bake a cake smell spread throughout the block. In Greece sells packets of ready ground. I always cakes throughout the year and beat them but bread machine.

Masloito can soften only then with great kneading, everything is kneaded well.

missed 4f to share a room, the which will interfere cakes, you should definitely be very hot. Set Easter will SDA kneading

This time I did not constant attempts to interfere a lot and left it only once to rise, something that I had no time and still get well, given that it shuffle.

Nelly, great pictures. A to veligden and I are the 6 nau4a to ka4zham photos.

To make sure that the dough will rise, put 4 uncooked pasta in the paste until the rise, then remove the pasta and Lace braid. I do not know what the magic but the dough rise for always!

color, and how they put these macaroni matter?

This cake became so great and I do

I liked the recipe. I make my cakes on it. But I want to know exactly where the pasta is put?

And how many a recipe?

I do the same recipe, but instead put lemon grate peel of an orange. Of these essences do not put any but only mahlep as written color. This is the *bakery* flavor that is. Today Paiute them and not stay gave up. For Desislava: depends how big it CLEARANCE:-) I make 4 pieces knitted cakes, but you can do 20 small and twisted forms, there is no limit in the imagination:-) Except faster baked.

I did it! Very precise recipe is given strings. I did not expect such a result, directly'm proud of myself. Thanks to the successful recipe. Obey all, as in the recipe. I was armed with a lot of patience and desire to become. Really worthwhile. I turned and men at home, turns in mixing, which I think is most important. Of the dose received two large and one small cakes.

Oh, I am very glad that you received, thanks for the shared good opinion.

For other Easter will do now is favorite, but otherwise lovely :)

It was an amazing cake, added a mahlep and now the whole house smells like hot cakes :)

Can you just tell me when put yeast?

I did half the dose that I just wanted to try it, but I really did not like the taste of rum, put plenty of sugar, but the memory of it would only rum tastes, perhaps stronger

intense aroma of rum, not everyone likes. Sorry, my family and I, we like.

yeast when put?

the cake is super made triple dose and it was excellent we did not give him a rum

Nelly 1100, I want to know exactly where the pasta is put? Very please to answer! Does it matter what the pasta, i. E. There is a hole without a hole ... do you want some details on the pasta, I apologize if I sound presumptuous! :(

Any joints are larger to find easily when removing the dough.

Once the dough is kneaded put inside the dough easier rising after leavened dough is removed pasta.

maza57, this pasta I've never done it and I can not give you advice. This recommendation is steffanell, which thank you responded.
Good luck!

Thanks! Do first cake and was great! I made half a dose and I came out 3 kozunacheta in aluminum baking pans 1. 5L

Thanks to the successful recipe (rules I edva2-3pati cakes), but only one very important thing (in my opinion) to complement a must in milk with yeast to put sugar. I am proud of myself. Happy Holidays!