Fluffy pirozhki

Submitted by enr on 19 Nov 2008
400 g yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 egg optional
flour (as necessary)
frying fat
150-200 g cheese
Fluffy pirozhki
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Soda put in slightly warmed milk and stirred until the effervescent, add the egg and flour and salt was kneaded soft dough. Fails to rise. Roll out the crust thickness of 1 cm, cut into rectangles with dimensions up down 7-8 x 3-4 cm. In each rectangle put feta cheese and folded two edges are pressed with fingers. Fry in hot oil.
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19 Nov 2008


The filling can be made with minced meat.

very easy recipe and photos are great!

are super easy to make.

In the picture look good, I guess would be very tasty. Weekends will try.

I congratulate, for they fluffy donuts! This morning I was congratulated for delicious pies. I made them with different content - for my husband with minced daughter with chocolate and cheese for me. :)

They look very appetizing picture just wondering what is the breakfast for tomorrow. Well done.

tried pies became amazing. Congratulations.

From the same dough cakes do.

We tell him mekichki.

And we fritters.

What amount of fat to be fried?

Baia! Ha ha ha! The more the better.

Thanks for the recipe. This morning I made them and were gorgeous. Congratulations!

Tasty, very very tasty!

They look very tasty will try them :)

As patty Mom is!

I also tell them cakes are easy and delicious.

Great recipe! I just made them for the first time I get such a result of dough without yeast. I do not become exactly rectangular, but are really fluffy and with great taste. I recommend them! Upload a photo!

great just made them are great! my friend licked his fingers :)

The recipe is very successful. Are really great. And if you like mixed flavors try them with sweet raspberry or strawberry. Thanks for the recipe.

become super and without filling them sprinkled powdered sugar. BRAVO!

made them for breakfast. Filling of ham and cheese. Great recipe. I enclose a photo.

Many are delicious !! Congratulations!

Roughly how much flour dough takes? I will make them soon, I'm sure they are very tasty! :)

maliiiii than on weight, but they are very tasty

That's proposal and krenvirshki. I like them with cheese, but wanted someone with sausage.

made wonderful cakes

This morning I ate from pirozhkite- became great. The idea to warm a little yogurt and then put baking soda is chudesna- milk effervescent more. I will use this quirk in the future :) I did half pies with cheese and sausage The rest (in sluchaya- Lion sausage). Both were received very well. I'm not boring sheet and short balls of dough with greased hands shaping them as cakes. At one end plankata- hop, I turned them in half and pressed his fingers the dough around the edges. Puffed and really ate fluffy pies :) Thanks for the delicious recipe! :)

Great pies were received! I did half dozichka and sweep up everything for breakfast!

Great work! Thanks for the recipe! I made them without stuffing and left little I poured them with sugar syrup to get a great dessert for lunch as tolumbichki

Can you tell me how flour is put?