Home chicken pate

Submitted by enr on 27 Sep 2010
200 g of white chicken meat
100 g chicken livers
3-4 lumps of crushed ice
1 tbsp butter
100 ml cooking cream
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
middle of 1 slice of dry bread
salt, pepper
rolls, toast or biscuit
lettuce leaves padding
The meat is cut and boiled in salted water. Then drain, ground with livers with machine for meat and add to all the other products, such as bread is crushed. Everything passaged with blender. Pour into a deep baking dish, cover with foil and boil in water bath in the oven at 150 C for about 1 hour (at the end torn off by the court). After cooling, was allowed at least 10 hours in a refrigerator to rest. Serve coated on rolls, which are arranged in a plateau covered with leaves of lettuce. Optional on pate can put a piece of pepper, pickle or olive.
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27 Sep 2010


sounds attractive and promising. Better home pate, stuffed with chemistry than store-bought. Thanks mom for the recipe!

Cavet: napravi ci Dual doza, izliza 2 konfityureni byrkancheta, zapechatay and cteriliziray 50 minyti and vinagi design could imash pactet under raka.Taka pone znaesh How long do yadesh.

To me also liked the recipe. Raw livers you put in the mill (and if yes, can you boil them in advance (can not see blood, and they have very))?

Yes, of drobchetata ce melyat cyrovi and naictina gledkata Incorrect e very priyatna.Probvay ea them poparish in vryashta voda charter 3-4 minyti and dokladvay rezyltata.Ea the de dobra ideya and I only cledvashtiyat road design could poparya them.

And why put ice?

ice-because generally when making pate add water, but when he puts ice mixture holds stiff and not watered down ..

Thank you, I rather do it.