Home layered cake Mimosa

Submitted by enr on 05 Dec 2010
7 eggs
150 g sugar
160 g flour
30 g wheat starch
500 ml pastichera cream (custard)
100 g fine milk chocolate
50 g of chocolate chips or crushed chocolate
100 ml rum + 3 tbsp sugar (or 100 ml water + 10 drops of rum + 3 tbsp sugar)
butter for greasing the pan
10 g baking powder
Home layered cake Mimosa
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Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Beat the egg yolks with sugar until the mixture doubling. Add sifted with baking powder and starch flour. Beat the egg whites of hard snow and add the yolk mixture. Stir with a spoon two mixtures. In a pan with a diameter of 10 cm (covered with baking paper and spread with butter) pour part of the mix about 2-3 cm to cover. In a rectangular pan (I use this oven, covered with baking paper and spread with butter) pour remaining mixture. Bake at 180 C 10-12 minutes. Allow to cool. Cut the rectangular base of 4 long strips. Syrup with rum, which have broken sugar (you prepare rum syrup from water, sugar and flavorings). Brush with 2/3 of the cream strips and sprinkle with chocolate pearls. Wrap a tape roll and place it upright in tray. With the other three bands go around the roll so as to form a cake. Compress gently, lest you ran cream. With the remaining 1/3 of the cream smear cake on all sides. From least 10 cm. Base cut into thin strips and then into small cubes so as to obtain crumbs. They cover the entire cake. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and a narrow strip gun do on the cake to decorate it. Allow to stand at least overnight before consuming it. * Egg cream prepared so: Shattered 4 yolks with 80 g sugar until blanching, I added 30 g wheat starch and 30 g of flour. In 500 ml milk put 40 g of sugar and a vanilla pod to a boil. I took from warm, but not boiled milk ladle and I added one in the egg mixture. Just before to boil the milk, pour the mixture and stir until thickened to desired consistency.
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05 Dec 2010


I loved the cake, content and appearance. Top is like lace and very juicy on the inside. On the crumbs do not you put the cream?

Thank you akva7, the recipe is my own creation in the sense that I wanted to get a taste of store-bought (here where I live, because in Bulgaria I have not seen) but at home and nearly approached the true taste very juicy and light with chocolate pearls results slightly crunchy taste. Try it you'll like it. A cream can try with cream pastichera from catalogs there are exact recipe is my eye. And as regards the cream on the crumbs they do not put something like the decoration of the cake. I wish you success!

Many miharesa cake much!

Petya, honey, cakes look great and I want to try to do, but I do not know if I would tear the latter must as syrup and cream until they expend. The cream must be thicker to prevent razticha- I thought that can be used cream pudding (because there is no water)?

Hello, lady_LANA, Thank you for the evaluation. I am glad that you want to do is very easy, I do my thick cream, but it evaporate more wheat starch and a little flour to be lighter which is why I prepared some cream may prefer another kind of you to experiment or try some cream from our site. A syrupy I put 2-3 tablespoons of the strip does not imbue them much. And I must tell you that I do everything right I did not break, especially if you put in and the latter must starch. Try as you prefer. I wish you success!

It seems very well, put it into a favorite! will soon make it :) thanks for the recipe pepeleon :)

Thank you Boyana! Just tonight I was talking with a friend about this cake in May will soon be doing again, but first I want to try another one with Baileys (new recipe) will get it and hopefully like it. For this I'm sure you'll like it. It has been to say how it is. Good luck!