Home sweetened condensed milk

Submitted by enr on 15 Dec 2011
140 g sugar
60 ml water
65 g butter
130 g milk
Home sweetened condensed milk
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Warm water. Place the products in a blender in the following sequence: sugar, butter. Submit blender. Add hot water. Close the lid blender - spray mixture while mixing dry products and water. Add dry milk. Mix up a nice texture - until melted sugar. During stirring, the mixture was concentrated. Pour the prepared mixture in a jar - 500 ml. After cooling the mixture was concentrated further. Put in refrigerator. So obtained condensed milk can stand more than a month.
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15 Dec 2011


Thank you Marina, just in time came retseptatata now returned from the store and found to buy cond. milk, hey will now turned the blender, kissing me!

Wonderful idea! Goes to favorites.

Fast, easy, economical vkusnooo Mariana bravo! Better than store-bought!

Very nice picture steffanell, I thank you for it! When you can not find a product ... as they say affliction teaches. And the taste is really nicer.

What milk is the issue? What condensed milk is obtained? As Russian *sgushtenoe with saharom* I suppose? Because condensed milk does not automatically sweetened. In fact, milk is sweetening condensation to increase the durability when the technology of making not kill all microorganisms. In modern technology need not be sweetened. With condensed milk is preparing for example, which with this recipe here will be quite smooth;) You may want to mention the title that is sweetened milk.

You're right, that does not mean condensed milk sweetened and sugar that it kills microorganisms and increases durability. Varna has a chain of stores selling Russian products, but not always loaded with cond. milk, and not only *with sahorom* there *sgushënoe cocoa*, *sgushënoe varënoe- as dulce de leche*. Just to add that last condensed milk which I bought of Dutch Lady was with plant products and plant-like liquid cooking cream, but in a metal box.Which of course in General appealed to me. Obviously with this type can not cook sweet dishes. I use powdered milk, unsweetened of Nestle. So it comes in the recipe for sweetened condensed milk.

I forgot to add that the box says NIDO milk instead of baby formulas.

Some time ago, in the same way, but with the addition of cocoa, prepare your home chocolate. Is really tasty! Never occurred to me that such a mixture can replace sweetened condensed milk. Many thanks for the idea.

There are many recipes with condensed milk for him escape, but now will not be a problem. Marina, thanks for the recipe!

I have not tried the recipe, but put evaluation. By looking beautiful picture I'm sure in an excellent result

can you put milk instead of dry?

It will not happen with milk, will become liquid.

Right! aleksandra22, dry milk is dehydrated milk.

I do not have a blender. Okay with a mixer or blender?

I think it will become a blender, try and tell how it happened.

Hello, I want to ask how the town. Out of this amount? Thank you! :)

A great recipe! At the last moment I decided to cocoa, the idea of ​​Elti. Great chocolate taste gorgeous! I was Nesquik cocoa, put on eye. As quantity goes a little more than 400 g jar of Nutella. Many thanks for the recipe!