Layered cake * Avatar * with bananas and strawberries

Submitted by enr on 10 Sep 2010
# For the bases:
6 eggs
2 cup sunflower oil
4 cup flour
20 g baking powder
2 cup sugar
400 ml strawberry compote with fruit (or another flavor of your choice, if stones - removed)
# For the filling and decoration:
4 bananas
500 g strawberries
500 g pastry cream
1 package banana pudding mixture
1 package pudding mixture strawberries
500 g strawberry yogurt
10 g gelatin
500 g Парено dough - marzipan Varna
Layered cake * Avatar * with bananas and strawberries
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6 eggs are broken down with 2 cups sugar, 4 cups 20 g flour and baking powder. Thereto was added 400 ml compote of fruit and 2 cups sunflower oil. The baking tin covered with baking paper, and the oven is preheated to 160 C. anneal 3 the base. When baking the base cracks on the surface, which after cooling is aligned with knife (wire cutting the bases). For the filling: mix the cream with a mixer at the highest level. Divide into 3 equal portions. Fill Posh wide bore and crawls end of the first base. Bananas cut into slices and arrange over the base. Pour with cooled banana pudding prepared according to the description of the pack. Placed second base, which is also surrounded by whipped cream. Strawberries, cleaned, are arranged on the base and pour a chilled strawberry pudding. All that is left to harden in the refrigerator for a while, then with whipped cream again surrounds the base. The gelatin, previously dissolved in 1 coffee cup compote strawberry juice (or cold water), stirred with a strawberry yoghurt. The resulting mixture is spread on tight strawberry pudding and placed third base of the cake. Once the cake has cooled completely covered with fondant and decorate optional and fantasy. For the decoration used fondant Varna - for complete coverage of the cake, pre-greased with butter cream (125 g butter + 2 cup powdered sugar). For Avatar, tree and semicircles used wire household foil and fondant from Marshmalous. Toruk Mactan is only fondant Marshmalous that wither on wrinkled household foil to freeze with outstretched wings. Mountains are cut in half croissant with strawberry filling and clippings from the bases. Waterfalls and the branches of the sacred tree - of egg white with powdered sugar.
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10 Sep 2010


amazing performance! Congratulations!

Bravo! The cake is very interesting.

whole cake decoration took me two days, but the gleam in children's eyes was worth! :)

Eli, the cake is incredible. Congratulations.

The cake is amazing! Bravo - the idea for implementation, for the effort that you share here! I do not know what the taste, but the decoration very, very good!

thanks! On the palate, too, it was a good, because fruit and pudding becomes light and not too sweet. Everything according to the requirements of small-nephew the birthday :)

Coco with impatience will wait for your next birthday! In this cake ...