Layered cake Chess

Submitted by enr on 27 Jan 2010
# For the bases:
6 eggs
120 g sugar
150 g flour
2 tbsp cocoa
# For the cream:
500 ml milk
2 tbsp flour
75 g butter
2 pm .ch. powdered sugar
1 vanilla
Layered cake Chess
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Eggs are broken with sugar until blanching, then add the flour. The mixture is stirred well. Divide in two, one half was stained with cocoa. Pour into the baking dish, covered with paper. Bake in a moderate oven. In preparing the second base added cocoa. Cream: Milk is boiled with a thick flour mixture. The butter is mixed with powdered sugar and added to it a little (stirring) of cold mixture and vanilla. Order the cake: Each base is cut to three rounds with bowls of different sizes. Thus forming three light and three dark - large, medium and small, but with equal bandwidth. Insert the largest light, medium and dark little light. Smeared with cream and ranks second line of cake. Ranks in the same way, only the colors are exchanged on the world put dark and vice versa. Spread the cake top and sides with the remaining cream and sprinkle with optional ground walnuts
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27 Jan 2010


In this way I'm doing it myself, but the latter must syrup slightly them along with cherry syrup. Cake is great!

Super cake, I'll put it to Favorites!

Thank you. Can and syrup depends whether you prefer dry or watery.

This is already *chess* cake, which I do in this way, a little syrupy, but the look and the taste is great.Indeed, this already looks like a checkerboard field!Bravo !!!

And I forgot to put the assessment.

looks great, well done.

My favorite cake

Well, baking powder?

I do not put baking powder.

but I currently do with it and the first cake did not get better, it was very soggy and the second he put a little baking powder and get well.

Well I do not know I never put me comes out.

I put baking powder in one cake grated lemon or orange peel and light syrup with milk for the latter must not be very dry.

Great recipe! I do the latter must with 5 pcs. eggs, 1h. cup sugar, 1 hour. cup flour and 1 pc. baking powder. In brown crust scoot 2s.l. flour and in its place add 2c. l cocoa. The latter must anneal in a dry pan (e. Pot) at the bottom of which lay dry paper (cut to the very bottom of the pan). Are wonderful and so. Cohere cake with 500 grams. liquid cream (whipped cream) and it add 500 g. chocolate. Beat with mixer and everything became incredible chocolate cream. Try!

The first cake I became like pancakes, so I put baking soda on the second and became super cakes.

Bravo! Great recipe! Cake is great!

Forgive me for this, but I do not understand these measures? Can you write me sugar and flour in units of *cups* how? Blagoarya!

The cake was great too, thanks for the recipe! :)

years make this cake with - different cream, but always becomes very impressive!

favorite cake of my childhood! Syrup syrup cherries and walnuts put in the cream.

I want to do and the latter must keep them in the freezer. Cream and assembly after 10 days. Will it be a great cake?

I think there will be problems. Just nice to be wrapped will not dry out and then be fully thawed and then to assemble the cake:) Good luck in making and then say how it obtained :)

I wrote, but standing cake with cake in the freezer became great. Even several times, so keep them. Do the latter must, like that between cooking something else. I wonder, Where do you draw these cakes tolko quickly. Only change puddingtata and decoration.