Roses from salami

Submitted by enr on 26 Apr 2009
# For the dough:
# For salt stuffing:
fresh salami
# For sweet stuffing:
fruit of your choice (apples, pears, peaches or other)
powder sugar for sprinkling and / or sweet sauce of your choice
Roses from salami
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Involved little dough. Circles sausage is cut in half. Roll out the dough and cut tape 2-2.5 cm wide and 10-15 cm long (according to the desired size of the Roses). Salama ranks on the ribbon so that the bottom can have a small pastry and the top is oval part of the sausage, and then is screwed like a rose. Roasted little in preheated oven until baked dough. These roses can be made in sweet version - with apples, pears, peaches, after baking, sprinkle with powdered sugar. Also can used puff pastry are rolled as before.
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26 Apr 2009


Wonderful! Look very appetizing! Bravo!

Very beautiful! Bravo!

Many are original fun. Bravo! Bookmark

eee, they are great, very original .. Bravo Vesi ..

Super florets, Vesi bravo!

Vesi straight fantastic! On top of everything and easy, especially if you use puff pastry! It is ideal that offers sweet option! Thank you share it with us!

Again yummy. Bravo Vesi.

are wonderful, I put them in the favorites.

can be made from a roll gently puff pastry and sausage again.

Applause! Look fantastic!

Very original! I put them in my favorites.

If you make such sweet option. apples should not be stifled little to soften a little?

What they like is cut into thin pieces, do not have to suffocate. But you can posipesh them with sugar and cinnamon and leave them for a while.

this appeal not only moichkite, but all my guests, impressed! Many thanks for the recipe

Great idea ... beautiful results ... delicious :) Thanks!

I made them with chicken sausage, were wonderful! My guests were impressed! I have a question for the sweet version with apples: Even a thin apple I broke in winding and nothing Nest ... what to do? Thank you!

To soften the apples cut into very thin slices and put neck for 1-2 minutes in boiling water with sugar to taste. You can paint it, as put in the water and food dye so you get eg. red slices.

Well done, very impressive!

Bravo! Very beautiful and very tasty!

All you've done a great job :)! Well done girls.

Really amazing! Congratulations! Share any proportions for kneading the dough.

Mimsi, I do them from dough for bread, I'm sure it will become and pizza dough. Ivka, thank you for the advice of apples these days will try it again!

very quickly became, and is very effective. Here are my photos.

Great idea, very spectacular and beautiful! One question to ELTI - what is the roll under the roses? Very appetizing look.

roll of zucchini and eggplant recipe of BABY (Руло zucchini and eggplant ). To him also I put a picture.

Great are very like the idea!

Today I tried florets in both versions. Variyant I added the sweet honey and cinnamon. It was great. I have only one failed because too from below? I was soft dough sticking to hands. Say what is wrong with me?

are beautiful dispute nyamya but what proportions?

It depends on how many pieces you want to do. If you want more- getting involved more dough.

I do not know why I did not put evaluation. Straighten :). I tried with puff pastry, but it very rise and is not so beautiful, but also very tasty. And usually with my dough became a little stiff / crunchy /. Is it possible I've curled in tight and in an effort to bake and inside I toast them? Bravo for a great deal.

Many spectacular and impressive! I identified the recipe for our upcoming ball, but since I will be limited in time I have a question. Do you think that would be appropriate to prepare them several days in advance and freeze them, and on the day of the prom to bake?

dani_danewa - Not a bad idea, but keep izpredvid that if you do with puff pastry, it is frozen and repeated freezing puff dough loses its flavor. If you bake and then freeze them and serving them in the right moment to put only five minutes in very hot oven.

Great idea! I made them with puff pastry. Raztochih him little to no fuzzy (not that there was a greater effect), but still liked very much.

very beautiful picture, I knew it could be just your image, you have great talent, all things are presented very beautifully.

Thank you flowers!

Very nice recipe. Became great. I added my picture.

Villas, many beautiful pictures! Bravo!

I only want to share that achieved the effect of florets Subject recipe, but something were pretty tough, and bake them until lightly tanned? I do not know where it went wrong

very well received! I made them with ham and mushrooms and put them cheese.

Splendid roses!

hello BABY Ch NG 2014 while hanging around through various recipes and photos, I came across your site registration and with great surprise, I found that we are from the same town of Haskovo. I really like your culinary ideas have some of them in l th. If we were meant may meet some day. To cooking ...

And this time I made them with puff pastry. Chopping salami of various size and shape pieces and so each rose is blooming in a different way :)