Sponge cake in jars

Submitted by enr on 27 Jun 2011
recipe for cakes, muffins, cake, cheesecake - of your choice
jars with screw, straight, flat walls
soft margarine or butter spreads
breadcrumbs for sprinkling
Sponge cake in jars
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Prepare dough according to the recipe. The jars are washed and dried. Spread thoroughly with margarine and sprinkle with plenty of breadcrumbs. Turn around and knock on the bottoms, fall excess breadcrumbs. The dough is distributed in the jars, making sure absolutely nothing preach edge. Bake in preheated oven, 170 degrees orientation, but also take account of the recipe. Baking time is about 30-40 minutes, more fat contains recipe longer bake. With a match is found if the dough is baked. Immediately after baked, still hot, the jars are closed with perfectly clean lids and leave to cool in the oven. After opening the cake just poured out of the jar. How far will fill the jars depends on the recipe you use: cake batter - half; muffins - half; cheesecake, pastries and soda - 2/3; test without raising agent, which inflate only broken snow white - 3/4. Suitable absolutely all recipes. After cooling check caps - must be hollow, solid and not succumb to pressure. Some recipes for sweets in a jar jars recommended to be placed in a cold oven. In practice, this is irrelevant. The most convenient if the jars are put in a tray and insert and draw with it. Be careful when turning the caps, ready enough thick cloth / glove grip. Baked closed and thus pastry, cakes, muffins, etc. Are lasting for months.
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27 Jun 2011


Slick even becomes a gift.

Rally, blew me away with this recipe! Unique. That would not dozhshlo my mind. Thanks for the idea!

Rally :) reminded me of one other option that I had seen in a Russian site-boxes / small / corn ... :). As I saw the photo left like thunder :) what will invent :).

eeee, Vesi, I know her that photo, it is unique! But it is by poverty, lack of shapes for muffins. And this way of cooking is just for storage, and when you come unexpected guests - you open the jar and fresh cake. A Christmas and enjoyed many gifts between colleagues and classmates - here much appreciate personally made things. Ham is not you is expensive, yet bestow Gholam attention :)

unique as always! Bravo for the recipe!

Great idea! How long can be stored and how?

Glad girls that you like the idea :) Lubbe, 3 months guaranteed, but in general, while the cap is sunken and not succumbing, all in a jar is edible. Store the other winter supplies - should not be in the laundry room, nor any extreme conditions, normal cool Salma or closet, or just in the kitchen. Of my colleague had given me for Christmas and I sat two jars in the kitchen cupboard. One spring I opened it, the other a little later and you were quite right.

I could not wait to try the recipe, but few have failed. As stated in the recipe jars should prvai with walls. I use small jars of children purees, which d 'arloto *is closer and cupcakes I did not want to leave. Otherwise baked super taste was very good, but I could not pull them out. Share it to not make my mistake. I'll put a photo, although it May for *failure in the kitchen. Will find suitable jars and will again try

Rally, as always offering us something very original. lu4a and my concerns are related to the jars, but watching these Rally of the pictures I personally have not seen such.I recorded in recipe favorite this year for the first time I make preserves and saw this recipe was very glad that will *cure* and cake.I hope to find suitable jars that I desire.

Ljube unfortunate that so received. But look perfectly cupcakes! Puffed and not stuck, right? What recipe uses? How to change the cooking time compared to the original? You pulled the caps? Will be able to syrup as well as drawing directly to the pot? That is. To eat it? Regarding the type of jar - use is the so-called here Sturzgläser, i.e. jars turn. They buy empty. There are various types as shown in the photographs - with a screw or other means of closure. In the supermarkets are selling but enough goods in such jars with straight walls, think for example pate. Unfortunately not know the Bulgarian market and do not know what types of jars there. I can think of jars of chutney with caps for single use, where close special zatvarachka. There is no such caps, otherwise I tried and I would say that closed thus form a vacuum.

Jack, I hope you manage to find suitable jars and to izoalnish Merak;) By the way - cupcakes can be left open to cool and then be closed and sterilized. I would not set out to do, but it is possible. Cook for 40-50 minutes. But there is another option - the dough closes raw and boiled jars 90-120 minutes. Again becomes cake for any special diets was suitable in sick stomach, bile, etc .. I have not done it and I do not believe ever to do it. Just as interesting information write it.

Rally, the recipe for a cake with soda water, but the other is standard - eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder. In the middle put sweet plum. Baked and puffed his were. For the time I can not say because I cook almost everything eye :). For those jars where close hand I had not remembered them will become, they are right, not a narrow throat. I'll find something to Christmas I'll invented it because I liked the idea of ​​Christmas present.

This time I was able, in a cup of hot chocolate and a booth where caps are closed by hand. I used to cap film and see how long it will last with them.

Lubbe, just now saw your comment. How you use the foil caps? I wonder ...

Rally, aluminum foil for cooking embrace the neck of the jar and fruit set with elastic or thread. The cake stand for 4 days in the refrigerator and it was good. I do not know if it is refrigerated how it will be. I'll put a picture of a similar recipe that is only a chicken, which became very successful again in a jar.

I see, I tried :) I'm not so good idea.

cake with this recipe became great! Thank Aliana translation. As a description of the basic recipe, caps its sunk without a problem, but the total dose remained 2 jar so that after 3 months by opening them will write the result.

Quite interesting things I let her straight eyes widened this recipe, will try!

VAY is what I had heard and seen ...

I hope joyful positive :)

With this recipe your cake is always at hand!

came my guests and I had to open up the magical cake in the jar, all watched with interest how we draw, we were surprised by the very good taste even though it had been 10 days, eat on time, I think that in the jar became good than in the form of cake! Many thanks for Raleigh orginal idea that share it with us!

Oleee, great idea! Today will try :) I found among winter stocks 2 jar as required - will have to sacrifice one tomato and one with peppers, but worth it. And here comes my question - How do you get the cake from the jar? - A pat on the back or ...? Whether it may instead jar to use a plastic pot of the same size? You are not likely to melt in the oven?

plastic bucket will surely melt in the oven! Cake slips himself in turn, if something is pozalepnal - pass with a knife on the walls of the jar and he is released. If I have understood correctly - are you going to use the jar with cap disposable, right? Please share how they are received, especially if done successfully with such a vacuum cap :)

Yes, tonight I will make the cake in such jars with lids off, because I have no other. That I have, but they are slightly narrowed throat and as I realized I would not get in the removal ... Do not intend to close them after baking, but direct them to eat, so vacuum can not tell you - if someone tried or intends to try, let us share. Just at the moment I do not have the necessary tools (incl. And zatvarachka) - my mother in law and my mother made jars of the village and I do not have to use, otherwise I would gladly did this experiment just to answer your question :) In Anyway I will do only or two pictures. And another thing to ask - as breadcrumbs contain yeast, and I can not have any contact with the yeast, could be replaced by something else? Or be omitted ..?

until now I had not heard cake in jars, but will definitely try the recipe :)

Rally, and I have not found suitable jars, but that day I did protein cakes of Yoli and me came not long baking pans and my desire to try the last cake I put it, but I read in detail only after I put the mixture and missed part with breadcrumbs, but it this my jar anyway will eat with a spoon. But I have one question, my cupcakes with banana and dried cranberries, if this method is suitable for fruit? Worried bananas not fuck things up.

Jack, searched far and I found the following info: A woman wrote that there is a book for cakes in jars, and there gave three weeks warranty cake with fruit. But she opened the door cake with apples after 5 weeks was wrong. That is. I think four weeks is a good time for storage.

Rally, thanks very much for the information, I am very cowardly, on junk food, even if sterilized, but I will try to wait at least a week before you try it. And these days I'll try to get a picture.

Ralitsa, unique creative idea! Makes me stunned! Bravo and blagodarsko for sharing! I read a lot and watched, but not canned cake I've ever met. Will try mandatory. I think for BG-conditions most applicable are jars of chutney (the old version to draw easy). Supreme her!

Flower, I am pleased that you like the idea :) Share how you have received and especially whether caps fashioned vacuum is obtained. And photos will be happy :) A was two words - success and your meal!

will sunken caps and even how - but must be closed more hot-and-and-and! This will be grief :)! Unfortunately I can not upload photos as my camera - although it is very high quality Nikon - not digital and it definitely hinders me - must photograph, draw pictures, scan and upload - just insanely me! As posabera coins will buy digital, but I have not yet finished with home repair ... :(