Layered cake Naomi

Submitted by enr on 31 Oct 2010
# For the base:
5 eggs
5 tbsp flour
5 tbsp sugar
10 g baking powder
2 tbsp cocoa
100 g chocolate
500 ml pastry cream
500 g couverture chocolate
200 g sugar
125 g butter
# For the caramel:
500 g sugar
200 ml pastry cream
1 tbsp butter
200 g walnuts
Layered cake Naomi
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We prepare chocolate topping. In Casorate Boil the cream and sugar, add crushed couverture chocolate and the butter. TOPPING leave to cool. In a saucepan caramelized sugar, add the cream and the butter. Prepare sponge base. Divide the egg yolks and whites of 5 eggs. Beat the egg whites to snow. Beat yolks with sugar until they become foam. Mix the egg yolks and egg whites, stirring constantly. Mix cocoa and flour and add to the egg mixture by slowly stirring. Add the melted chocolate couverture. Pour mixture into prepared pan (35h25 cm), the bottom of which we put oiled paper. Bake 10-15 minutes in oven heated to 180-190 degrees. Leave the base to cool and peel off the paper. Cutting the base of two parts. One diced. Other smeared with chocolate and decorate with cubes base and walnuts. Pour cake with caramel and leave in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours to set.
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31 Oct 2010


look with a smile and enjoy the chocolate black gold.

For this cake I have no words.I guess it's stunning.

very tempting cake ... Looks very tasty. Too bad that my daughter does not like caramel. But I'll try to make it, you gift, but I am invited and I:-)

This is a chocolate - caramel jewel. Irresistibly delicious ..... I made a half-dose (not to overdo the amount:-)))) Quite sweet and heavy (I just want to clarify that I did not use couverture and chocolate - and this may be the reason). Next time will completely eliminate sugar from the chocolate sauce and caramel in will reduce it. BRIDA, thank you for the magic cake.

Looks great, although not dare to do - I'm not a master of the cakes, and in spite of everything I love them!

It seems very complicated ...

veselinka, complicated swamp. You can save your efforts as you buy ready-made chocolate cake. Another easy. The cake is incredibly delicious.

Many thanks for the advice, I will try to do something.

Elti ... bravooo ... great pictures

It looks very tasty Chocolate fiesta! Goes to favorites.

Just look at the pictures and I want to eat chocolate from this temptation; (: D seems strahotnooo!

This time, faster, made it ready cake. It is very tasty, but a homemade recipe is times better.

If I do a double dose and bake in a baking pan, whether you bake well?

With plenty of attention (take care not to burn the top, reduce the oven ...) there is no reason not to bake. Even become uneven marshes, and crack, it is not a problem because the upper part izryazava. I first time I made a half dose and diameter 25-26sm get extra cake in size. If you want to do a double dose my advice is to use the larger form. That is. As diameter is larger, but not to aim at higher altitudes. Then you will have no worries about baking and marshes.

Thank you Elti for advice.

This is not a cake, but a real chocolate challenge. The first reaction of anyone who tried was Mmmm ... is great. There will be pictures. Worth.

Well this is already something amazing! Iskushenie true! Cake I made for no more than 40 min. And I can say that it is relatively easy. Predarzhah to the recipe, taking advantage of the comments Elti. Thank you ELTI, you're always very thorough.

And I thank you - I'm glad that I was useful. The cake looks quite appetizing.

This time I made the cake for the anniversary of my father. Became amazing and the look and taste. Thanks for shared recipe.

can you syrupy marshes.

and why should you syrupy swamps?

The last 2 cakes that make me dry? I do not know what caused it. Has anyone an idea? Do not overdo marshes, I changed Cocoa, but nice and new and expensive.

When the cake is ready, it must have enough time to move moisture from the cream into the marshes. Naturally, that the thicker the latter must, the longer time it is needed. Also depends on what kind of cake is used: the drier the marshes, the pool must be the cream. Of course there are cakes that remain dry and that is their purpose - as station or Swedish almond. And for other cakes I can say that I always after the final rendering of her cake provide at least 24 hours in refrigerator. NEVER syrup cake. I have noticed, however, that in Bulgaria or Greece, for example, is like wet cake, which as here in Germany would be considered a complete failure. I do not like wet cakes, first I want to have something to chew and, secondly, that further decoration wet cake is more prone to succumb under the weight of the fund and figures.

ICE, I do not know what you call dry. According to my understanding has remained a dry crust that after 24 hours stay on the cake in the refrigerator still have the same dryness as before assembly. In that case, perhaps preizbivash eggs with sugar and obtained stickiness that *caking* of surface ponds and moisture from the cream can not pass it. Furthermore, it may just bad chance to have chosen the wrong cream. For dry fabrics in which no liquid in the dough, such as sponge, enjoy more creams that give moisture - such as on the basis of yogurt or cottage cheese, or universal pastry cream that Galya had climbed. Creams containing starch, tighten in cooling and retain moisture in itself. Creams with gelatin give moisture to the time when tight. You already under each recipe to judge whether it is wet enough cream. I personally, if the recipe is time for syrup of marshes, just skip it. And I have not had a complaint that my dry cake :)

This cake should be given a more *dry*, that is the idea. If the desire is for a juicy cake in chocolate cake (link is above) there are many, syrup and soft creams, but I think for Naomi marshes is not appropriate to syrup will not combine well with the chocolate mixture above.

This is the chocolate of all chocolate cakes! :) Easy to implement and wonderful taste! Long after you try it, you feel the taste of chocolate and caramel :)

I decided to use caramel in this recipe to adapt another ... But candied caramel is at the moment in which I added oil ... I still enjoy it, because I had no time to do new. After the stay was hardened like a stone. Does anyone know why so happened? Melted cream and sugar, and stir as to make dulce de leche. When you get the desired color, put the butter. And suddenly candied, just like honey in a jar. Hmm. : /

Aliana, a little embarrassed to write after you. I read your comments on the site and obviously have huge experience in cooking. For what great respect! :) I would like to tell you how I did something yesterday, banana pie Yoli namely caramel part. First caramelized 1 cup sugar. Then added 100 g. Oil. Initially, the mixture was divided into caramel and water bottom from above, but are stir-in 10 minutes, but may be higher, water is evaporated and the oil becomes very pleasant color and flavor homogeneous mixture. Then pre-heated 200 ml cooking smetana- plant. The mixture becomes like a truncated, yet the water in cream. But with a little stirring everything is fine. First make homemade dulce de leche and if I did not need to pie, I alone can eat it with a spoon :) was so sweet and tasty, and the scent of maslooo mmm ... ;) I'm telling you weight recipe that pravih- ratio may here be the problem or pastry cream or porednostta- not know. I did so and received. Judge for yourself :) Good luck! :)

Rally ... caramel caramelized cream ... zaharta..dobavyash messing melt caramel ... not together ...

Iliana, thank you! In this sequence described by you I have not done never caramel. At the next opportunity will give it a try. Vesi, but as you say, will remain liquid, right? So did my mother syrup of cake cake with buttercream. I somehow I was sure must be cream, so it seemed to me the pictures of the recipe: /

Rally cooling tightens ... becomes creamy density ... just until the cream take sgorenata sugar then simmer with oil ... although the density is not very dense later acquires a thick caramel glaze

Thank you, dear ... :) I'll try again, has not finished making sladkorii;)

favorite cake my husband :)