Potatoes rustic - II type

Submitted by enr on 30 Dec 2010
1 kg large potatoes
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp savory
2 tbsp cornmeal or bread crumbs
sprinkling of dill
sunflower oil for frying
Potatoes rustic - II type
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Potatoes are washed, Boil unpeeled in salted water. Then peel and cut into large slices. Rolled in pre-mixed spices and fry in heated sunflower oil. Drain on kitchen roll. Sprinkle with dill before presentation. * I used bread crumbs, but I put more than indicated in the recipe.
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30 Dec 2010


These are my favorite fries, I also prepare them in this way.

Thank Milencha very quickly gobbled them at home and want them again do them :)

I for easier sometimes sliced ​​potatoes before they are cooked, but must be careful not overcooked, not to then disintegrated.

Ah, that is delicious again with you, Maggie. Great offer irresistible are these fries. Congratulations to you, beautiful and *delicious* holidays you wish.

Again MIGHT great - very tasty !!!

great proposal, Maggie.Thank you, so will prepare for the feast!

Thank you girls, you are healthy!

Maggie were very tasty, and I used bread crumbs. I could not fotna them .. no time .. my guests came :) Thank you again for this delicious recipe!

I do such fries, but roast them in the oven are super, and add pictures

VERY delicious!

Yes, it is very tasty! Thank you :)

Definitely chestichko will do them.

Nellie, thank you! Of breading have more because I did more, and now only have potatoes :)

Maggie, great, fast, delicious and a favorite recipe now! The family said that outperform and fried. Fans are potatoes! Thank you for the many easy and affordable recipes.

Valka, thank you for the nice words :)

just made them. Very tasty and I added them nutmeg, lends some exotic flavor :) As a side dish to fish are great :)

Sveta, do not use nutmeg, but I know that many suits of potatoes. Well you do as you used, thank you :)

Very tasty! Bravo for the great recipe!

Stasi, and I thank you can add a photo :)

Next time I promise to photograph them, will not be long;)

Very tasty fries became our favorite :)

registered specifically for this recipe online.
Were very tasty, thank you very much for the idea :)

Chips were very tasty, except that most of the spices remained in oil.

They became delicious, prepared quickly and easily, with garlic sauce we usladiha more! :) Thank you for the recipe! :)

They became delicious, prepared quickly and easily, with garlic sauce we usladiha more! :) Thank you for the recipe! :)