Cheese bread

Submitted by enr on 17 Jan 2012
buns or baguettes
colored salt
aluminum foil
Cheese bread
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On each pita make cuts as a grid that do not reach below. In the slots put thin slices cheese (in some salami and put). Aluminum foil is cut into pieces large enough to cover the entire roll on all sides (and not leak out juices). Cow butter, mixed with lean salt melts liquefaction, and using a spoon put it in any slot. Wrap up nice, put in a baking dish and bake in preheated oven at 200C for about 20 minutes - until browned. Once it becomes ready, fthe oil dissolves and leave it for about 5-10 minutes - to absorb better in liquefied stuffing bread. Then removed and served on a plate.
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17 Jan 2012
the idea of ​​


I like such easy and tasty treats!

Maggie, very very tasty seems to me!

Yes, tasty, especially the lower crust as it is soaked with juicy mmm .. Thank you girls :)

Mmm, sounds very tasty. Will try it now. Goes to Favorites :)

I made them with ham, melted cheese. Very tasty - their interior is soft and browned on top and slightly crispy!

is Super! This time I did it with bread *Stara Zagora* (750 gr.). Looks very impressive and big yummy :) I added and melted cheese.

I did it with a baguette. Nnogo delicious and beautiful for! Thanks for the idea.

Many ideas offer, will keep them in mind as you do the rolls next time:) Thank

Incredibly fast and delicious hot breakfast.

This bread becomes incredibly tasty, crispy and fragrant. I told him I added garlic, and onion seeds. Do not screw it all in the film, but I shaped something like saucer board (pictured visible) and so carried him into the pan and baked. Thank magi71 for shared recipe - easy, impressive and very tasty.

For a long time I wanted to try the recipe. I had forgotten a cake and immediately I realized that I could use it. In oil and salt added the dappled garlic and savory meal. It was very soft and fragrant sredichka with great crispy crust.

I miss to mention the recipe for successfully cooked! I hasten to correct :) :)

long his invite to this bread, and finally his turn comes. I used plain bread factory. I added ham, cheese River, herbs and paprika. Very tasty get! But something I did with the cutting of bread and appearance brought him particularly well. However, be eaten quickly scary :)