Layered cake Perfection

Submitted by enr on 14 Sep 2010
50 g white hot chocolate
400 g biscuits Breakfast (1 packet of cocoa and vanilla 1 package)
2 slices of bread
100 g of milk chocolate
2 cup sugar
750 g margarine
50 g cocoa
10 g coconut
Layered cake Perfection
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Cream: Sugar is mixed with margarine, add cocoa and hot chocolate and mix well. Add crushed environment of bread (to thicken the cream), half of the grated coconut and other biscuits. Order the cake: biscuits from both packages are divided into columns of 9 pieces (the others are grated or crushed in cream). Biscuits dipped in milk and checkered lining (1 base consists of 9 biscuits), insert a layer of cream and grate some chocolate. Second base ranks as white on brown biscuit is put back again layer of cream and grated chocolate, base, to finish the columns. Finally, pour the remaining cream and distributed, over, grated chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. Leave in the refrigerator for about 3 hours.
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14 Sep 2010


The very thought of condensed cream bread is repugnant, and the idea of ​​a cream consisting of 750 grams of fat, even if it is colored brown! Grated biscuits certainly create uneven, barbed consistency. Incomprehensible to me is how so cumbersome to wear recipe presumptuous name Perfection!