Layered cake * Sponge cake *

Submitted by enr on 09 May 2014
1 package (of 290 g) biscuits Breakfast - white and brown
1 liter milk
1 cup sugar
60 g starch Banana
1-2 handfuls of crushed walnuts
2 banana
Layered cake * Sponge cake *
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Biscuits are broken up and put in a large bowl, where the grind finely. In a saucepan put the milk to a boil, then add a cup of sugar and add the starch. Stirring until the cream. When the cream is ready pour over the biscuits and mix well. Then take cake form which is a 22 cm diameter, and the bottom wearing the walnuts and stack them on the bananas are cut into circles. On bananas pour the ready mixture of biscuit and cream mixture is smoothed and allowed to stand overnight in the refrigerator. The next day you can eat it, but can decorate it and your choice. * I might as decked bought ready cream with her side in January Zagladin and top did kisses. * Finally, I used to decorate the recipe for Парено dough - Varna marzipan and it made the stars and put them on the side.
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09 May 2014