Meatballs in Constantinople

Submitted by enr on 07 Jan 2009
500 g minced meat
1 egg
1 onion
1 slice bread
100 ml milk
sunflower oil for frying
# For the puree:
500 g potatoes
50 g butter
200 ml milk
Meatballs in Constantinople
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To add minced meat egg, chopped onion, salt, chopped slice previously soaked in milk, and salt. Mix well. There are also small balls, rolled in flour and fry on both sides in a frying pan with preheated oil. Cook potatoes, peel and Strain. Add the butter and salt, warm milk and mix well until a uniform mixture. Meatballs are served over mashed potatoes.
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07 Jan 2009


Very tasty, while they do them! :)

bravo Maggie very fast and tasty dish

meatballs and sauce to how it was made?

are generally not prepared sauce. Perhaps used less of the fat, which are fried meatballs and diluted with broth.

are great and are easy to do :) ... well done :)

ketbaluu, only reminded me how to prepare them, rather I had not thought about them!

that's the easy recipe

One of the most lyubimimite our meals at home.

Thank you, and the pictures are very nice!

join admirable comments - quick and tasty. Pictures there (outside the recipe) fried processed Cheese.

very nice and easy recipe became tasty thank you.

Raina, entices the eye image so that makes me excite the appetite. Meatballs with zucchini you screw them?

Akva, thank you for your kind words. To cut zucchini into thin strips and then baked them on a grill pan and turned meatballs.

were great :)

I love this recipe! Add and mushroom sauce becomes very tasty :)