Turkish sirenki

Submitted by enr on 14 May 2009
2 eggs
1 cup sunflower oil
2 cup milk
7 g dry yeast
1 tsp salt
flour as you take soft dough
200 g feta cheese
Turkish sirenki
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One of the yolks separated spreads. All products mix and knead a soft dough. Leave to rise and then break up balls as walnut and put the stuffing of feta cheese with dill. Are made with forms sirenki optional. One option is being rolled round and slightly cut both ends in the middle. Insert stuffing and thread both ends. Then left again to rise, brushed with egg yolk and sprinkle with black and white sesame seeds. Bake at 180 C for about 15 minutes.
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14 May 2009


korneliq dry yeast that will produce? See me very easy these sirnenki and I will make them, but there is no fresh yeast!

Yes. The recipe is a dry maya- 1 packet of 7 years

Oh God how I lost :) Thanks anyway :)

I mean that sirenkite super I kneaded them last night and got the dough in the refrigerator, and this morning it premesih and did sirenkite. Meal goes a little over two pounds. It is worth to try and make them shom I mean anyone can make them (taking into account what I cook :)

In favorites. Will try. )

Porting Sirenkite are very tasty, but I could not figure out how exactly do intertwining, I would be grateful for a little more clarification! :)

Yes, indeed, as written is not understood how it works. I think when Roll out the dough in the shape of a circle in the middle put the stuffing. Then two opposite ends cut by the diameter of the circle to the filling and cut these four pieces are interwoven, two by two - opposite. Both ends remains open-stuffing and it is visible in the image. Hopefully I explained clearly ... grab compasses and soil will be happy to get :) Good luck!

So I think that will happen. I made them as freckles and again received very well!

nela on January 11 wrote: The recipe became very successful and frozen yeast. If instead you put cheese kremvirsh for stuffing become more beautiful.

They look great in the photo will immediately try them

we with my husband made them are superb. bravo

really become very crispy. I made them stuffed with cottage cheese and sausages, and top them sprinkled with various seeds, some sided with sesame, caraway others, others with poppy. Are interesting to taste.

If using frozen yeast, how much should be put. Oh, why did I have to run the lessons in geometry ...

The bag of 7 g dry yeast equivalent to 1/2 cube fresh yeast. So that it will not resort to compass ... you'll need only a knife to cut the two :) Good luck!

can someone please explain how exactly cut circle, I can not understand and want to do these sirenki

Look at the picture and maybe you will become clearer. As the circle doing at both ends two parallel incisions without prune the end (inside the circle). Placing the stuffing folding on both sides (parallel to the cuts) and each end poke in the opposite section (imbricate).

daughter in law awesome buns! Thanks for the recipe! :)

are great ms recipe

Great recipe, I I worked on it with dry yeast and a normal packet, and both types are great. All home fell in love sirenkite and now you do sao of them.

become very delicious, even with melted cheese.

have prepared exactly the recipe and used 7 cups of flour. Very easy and delicious.