Festive Flower pita

Submitted by enr on 26 Sep 2010
760 g flour
250 ml milk
125 ml sunflower oil
2 eggs
10.5 g of dry yeast / 750 g flour /
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp salt
# spreads sheets :
100 g butter
# spreads and sprinkling of the pita:
1 yolk
30 ml milk
2-3 tbsp sesame seed
1 tbsp flaxseed
Festive Flower pita
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Three times the sifted flour is placed in a bowl. Add sugar, dry yeast, eggs, the oil, warmed milk and salt. Messi is 20-30 minutes, until the dough elastic. Cover with a clean towel and allow to rise for 1 hour in a warm (double in volume). The butter, which is used for coating the leaves, melts. The risen dough is turned on the counter. Works with slightly oiled hands, not sticky. Divide in two equal parts (for greater accuracy can be measured). Take one piece. It will form a large wreath * * (crown). Divide into 5 equal parts (and they may be weighted to the same). Each ball is rolled into a sheet with a diameter of about 22 cm. Gets is a round baking tin with detachable hand, which is removed. At the bottom of the form put baking paper. Was placed on top and the first sheet of dough smeared with melted butter. Alternately over put 3 more sheets, each coated with butter. Fifth leaf little doraztochva, so as to put on four oiled sheet to cover the edges and edge to reach the bottom of the tray. This sheet does not spread with butter. There are also 4 a cut over the dough, starting 1 cm from the end, in the middle, up to 1 cm on the opposite end. Formed into 8 sectors. Take care top of one sector of the medium, and is drawn out. Consistently turn all sectors. Thus forming a wreath * * (crown). After making the first wreath * * starts to make faster and second. For this purpose, cuts off a piece - about 1/4 of the second half of the dough. This piece will later be placed in the middle of the bread. Form a ball and set aside. From rest 3/4 dough is small wreath * *. The dough was divided into 5 equal balls. Each ball is rolled into a sheet with a diameter of about 14 cm. Proceed as in the large wreath - consistently smeared 4 sheets with melted butter and put one over the other, and on top - the fifth leaf, a little wordy and does not spread with butter. So shaped dough is gently moved in center big wreath of empty space. Division into sectors dividing the first wreath, BUT! CAUTION! This time should be cut so that the cuts are perpendicular to the middle of the petals of the large crown. When the leaves turn a small crown (the tips of newly sectors) out, they must have got between the sheets of the big crown, but not on them. After two crown ready in the middle A separate ball of dough. The pita was allowed to rise for another 30 minutes. Then coated with beaten egg yolk with milk and sprinkle with seeds (in the middle of linseed and leaves - a sesame seed). Tray (form) with the pita is placed in another, larger pan ( can be used tray from the oven) and put to bake in the preheated oven. Top cover with a sheet of baking paper or foil and bake 10 minutes at 200 degrees C. Then the paper (fthe oil) is removed and dopicha another 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees C. * To make this pita can be used of your choice each yeast dough, which rules pita (for example: Pita feast pita or other yeast category Хлябове and buns without stuffing ).
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26 Sep 2010
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M-m-m real flower, bravo!

Again a great offer for making peak.Well done.

Great appetizing work.Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Oh, great idea. Many thanks for a shared vision.

Super cake Ina bravo!

To stand on the lists, I think between the cakes should be greased with butter. Otherwise, it is a wonderful and impressive cake and will necessarily be done! Thank you, Ina!

mimsi, these pictures there is no recipe on the site, from where I took them. I wanted first to make it and then share it, but do not have time. Just explained what I see the photos and should be, in my opinion. The cakes are not coated with anything. But're absolutely right, because exactly imagined to do and I - the first time to do as the photos, and the second time -to rub them with oil, as I did with the bread, whose dough indicated. I'm glad to have shared recipes and photos and I am confident that you will find someone to fill them! Good luck!

great bread :)

Beautiful and very stylish cake. A real gem!

Today I tried to do but did not do well :( Against the other pictures, is a parody of my bread flower, but will upload photos. With more practice, I think it will be close to the desired result:-)

Elti, why worry? Comb your great-tell her how it taste? With more practice, you will get the desired result.

akva7, thank you. And the taste is what you make of it - yeast dough optional. For example, the Универсални buns . I made it with 500-600g flour.

Elti cake looks great, share your making flower - is gorgeous.

didson, follow all instructions of tillia, just me so get. My dough was soft and easily deformed. When pulling the triangles they expand and extend.

Elti, beautiful cake! Let her eat with health!

Elti, congratulations! He's a nice cake. And most importantly you gain experience, so now we will show the ins and outs.

Thank you - from your comments I got to like the cake:-)

New experience - it will do this flower:-)

I found another version of this cake, translated it but for now I can not get accessories or new version of the recipe. Just to complement that Roll tortillas are coated with melted butter / wrote the Milenka below /. I'm threatening her of this bread, but will only New Year!

the only word that comes to me is to write BEAUTY

I did it, and straight applauded. Thank you share it with us, Ina!

Finally came the turn and I do cake! In another recipe is as you go through your hands! From both source to get this recipe. I used the above products. I think the number of sheets may vary - 3 or 4 or 5. The taste will try tonight.

tillia, bread you become great. I was about to ask what pastry cook and saw that already edited recipe (previously mentioned dough optional). Congratulations, I love the idea of ​​bread and your performance.

Thanks! It turned out that it is not difficult to make. Only need to work with slightly oiled hands and desktop. And cooks to monitor and promptly covered with foil, for ends more easily burned.

I think that if you add more sugar will become a great cake

You can try with bakery dough. In this case, the two dough balls would not Roll of 3, 4 or 5 leaves, but I would not cut into sectors. At least I imagine it.

cake is unique! First loaf in my life became wonderful, thank you for Tillia for the detailed explanation and retsiptata course! :) I'll get a picture.

Martina, very nice cake you received! Glad you and you like it.

Galya, and your bread is very nice. As you changed little use to make, but it does not matter. Is beautiful and I hope you was delicious!

cake is really great! Which was performed for the birthday of my son boarded a photo. Thanks for sharing the idea of ​​making pitkataV

Sylvia, a beautiful cake you did! Bravo!

Sylvie, congratulations from me! It is very beautiful!

Wow ... Sylvia, this cake though is not made by human hands is ... perfect! Admiration!

Thank you girls for your kind words! A person becomes very pleasant when something made of it gets such good reviews.

Silva, straight left without words. Congratulations!

Incredible cake, Sylvia! Masterful performance!

Incredible is cake! Bravo and me. Today I hope to do is to get! :) Then I'll show and pictures.

sylito, but dangerous form his drove, bravo! as a picture are all cakes! Thank Ina for the recipe!

Oh, what young masters have appeared on the horizon! Dari and Stefi - congratulations for the beautiful cakes! Bravo!

just made it but the shape of the cake after baking spoiled if I was soft dough ?! I kneaded the dough for cakes pravyar but who will sit for repair :) otherwise not complicated mounting apparently BRAVO

flowers, no matter what you do bread dough, provided it is yeast. Once you have been successful recipe for other cakes should be. Maybe it was soft.

My bread made it with the usual bread dough and then the type of flour, so not very rushed. At the last moment it occurred to me as it forms. Became very beautiful ,, ,, bread. Thank you Ina for the idea!

Desi, congratulations for your great cake! Nothing that is the type of flour - you is delicious, healthy and beautiful!

beauty, divine inspiration is

Girls, I have a question: How is this cake the next day? Still soft you save it? Tomorrow waiting guests and cook a lot, and I have only one oven. I wonder if you trust tonight whether to noon tomorrow will is nice? What do you do in order to keep the bread fresh the next day? Thank you!

Danny calmly Cook cake tonight. I turn the baked cake in towel. Cool completely as you can put / as screwed / in a plastic bag. Good luck!

Thank you, Tilia, now I begin. :)

And my was very beautiful, and will upload the pictures!

Danny, eagerly waiting for the pictures and I hope you have eaten with pleasure!

Here is my bread for Thanksgiving! People liked it!