Mini layered cake of mini cake in a glass

Submitted by enr on 14 Jun 2010
# For the base:
6 mini cakes
# For the cream:
1 liter milk
2 tbsp liquid sweetener (7-8 tbsp sugar)
1 cream of starch your choice of 1 liter milk
# For sprinkling:
walnuts, striped sticks, chocolate sprinkles and more.
Mini layered cake of mini cake in a glass
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Mini cupcakes are divided into 4 mini bases. Cream is prepared according to the instruction. In a glass of suitable width and volume 200 ml pour row cream mini base and four mini so the base, as it ends with the cream. Can sprinkle with walnuts, striped sticks, chocolate sprinkles.
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14 Jun 2010


Nice idea, BRAVO! I even think that will happen with cakes with filling (they are almost as bite). Will not cut and straight will let the cream. Thanks for the idea. Will share opinion, evaluation and pictures them a try.

just like dessert with seepage - Бисквитен dessert with milk cream Chrissy . And it's an idea - to make a cake! Can be used behind a cake, muffin, cake.

cake turns you into a dish or so Kusa with a spoon straight from the cup?

As you is delicious.

neli1100, thanks for the idea. It was very light and tasty dessert. I used cakes with filling (blueberry). I put bananas. Cooks quickly and more quickly eat:-)

I had a marble cake and found its application :) Very tasty dessert!

Another easy and tasty proposal for dessert.