Nests of minced meat with boiled eggs

Submitted by enr on 10 Nov 2013
500 g minced meat
pinch of pepper
1 tbsp savory
pinch garlic granules or powder
1 egg
5 boiled eggs
100 g cheese
Nests of minced meat with boiled eggs
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Minced meat is mixed with egg and spices. Divide into 5 balls, which are arranged in a greased baking pan. In the middle of each is placed in a boiled and peeled egg. Grate is less cheese on each well and put in the oven to bake. Served with season salad or potatoes.
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10 Nov 2013


They look very tasty and delicious and will make them but on Friday when all be home and goes to favorite recipe to not search for her. tasty, appetizing, beautiful.

Tonight prepared bird nests were very tasty and all home like them thanks for the recipe and a picture but I do not know how to get.

I am glad that you liked! A docking: just under the photos there is an option-added new photo. Pressing there and then choose File. I hope to be;)

Today again prepared bird nests, delicious and prepared quickly and easily.

For hosts that do not have a super time! ;)

At the moment bake. Smells delicious.