Oil mushroom

Submitted by enr on 08 Aug 2010
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup soft lard
flour as necessary
Oil mushroom
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On products knead a soft dough. Make balls are as big as a walnut. Over and done with hole cap Schweppes dipped in cocoa. Bake in a pan until pink.
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08 Aug 2010


How come the number of set quantity? And can you put 1 cup melted butter instead of lard?

but I have not counted the number exactly but rather go and I do not know about the oil.

This recipe I know from my mother in law and I always rules softened (not melted) lard.Rally, I think that will happen with the softened butter.

Rally happens with oil. Simply sweet with fat are more successful.

I tell him this shortbread and add some flavor for flavor. With mass are more bulk, more fragile even more durable. If you will be doing with oil, let it be natural, not like the margarine because the sweet smell (inspiring) of teshko. When kneading fat (butter) is at room temperature.

I made them before Mime to write a comment I made them with oil and trusted recipe that must be melted. So far so good. When I put powdered sugar in the melted butter, it sank to the bottom. Berkeley, Berkeley, I could not get a homogeneous mixture. I started to put flour, little by little, stirring constantly with a spoon. It was a soft dough, which when stopped wrong, somehow settle on top and on the walls of the oil cellars, swimming. I decided that a little flour, and added some more. Became hard dough, like sand, ie crumbling. I added oil again. Somehow managed to make balls, but they pressed the neck of the bottle to make them of mushrooms or crumbled or in the best case cracked. Baked them at 160 degrees for about 20 minutes. Once cool were pretty hard outside. Came 36 pieces, one baking pan. Added real vanilla for flavor. Apparently because of oil were yellowish, and vanilla them even darker. Next time I will make them soft with palm oil, it is snow white. And it will not melt.

These are the most amazing shortbread! As of a time!