Peppers Surprise

Submitted by enr on 21 Jan 2009
5 red peppers - peppers
250 g mayonnaise
100 g cheese
100 g mushrooms
50 g butter
2-3 cloves garlic
Peppers Surprise
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Peppers are cleared from seed, cut in length of 2 and immersed for 1-2 minutes in boiling salted water. Clean mushrooms, finely and sauté in the butter and a little water. Grate the cheese grater in large pieces and 2/3 of it is mixed with mayonnaise and mushrooms. The mixture is seasoned with crushed garlic, salt and pepper and spread over the cold peppers. Sprinkle with remaining cheese and baked in a hot oven for 1-2 minutes.
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21 Jan 2009
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I loved the recipe and I think it a try with roasted peppers.

peppers are very, very tasty. Jump preyadoh with them - I can not stop. No red pepper and made them green. Thank you BABY, for superb recipe. Put pictures.

Tonight I do it again, but will put some bacon or ham :)

Last night I made the dish with eggplant-became great :) And honestly May, eggplant I liked more :) Unfortunately there was no time for pictures :) Now I can try to zucchini. I'm sure it gets very tasty :)

BABY, Steamed or fried eggplant? And I want to try with eggplant (probably tomorrow).

Elti, peeled eggplant / not very large / cut it, carved it and gently izparzhih / then you bake the indoor :) not use it because I had previously prepared mixture. Just think sledvashiya time instead of 250g mayonnaise to put 130g of cream and mayonnaise way :)

Today I did and peppers, and eggplants. Yummy. But for now the peppers are my favorite (eggplant is also very tasty, but the pod to me personally I like more). I said *for now* because I try and courgettes:-))), there are pictures.

lit us with your praise and caught with my daughter that made them. Direct double dose - not any left! The recipe is incredibly delicious! We do not zaparzhihme mushrooms and obaryahme them directly with mayonnaise and cheese. We put a lot of chopped parsley. Just big yummy!

were great, come into my regular menu for the summer. Bravo and thank

I had red peppers, but I saw the recipe I decided that I try it tonight. The result was excellent even with green peppers!

Caps are superb! Accidentally discovered the recipe (very appetizing photos Elti). Thanks for the great recipe!

Well, Reni - what is this your fantasy !? :) More interesting arrangements! Congratulations to this!

Thank you, Ina! Delicious recipes inspire me. :)

I was a little mushrooms and added a little rice density became perfect

The recipe is very simple, fast and delicious! The peppers were very well (only interjected that my peppers I have not scalding, and simply baked and cleaned of seeds and skins) and will be taken as a great side dish to fried meatballs ... :)Greetings!