Pita Benny

Submitted by enr on 02 Oct 2008
1.5 kg flour
2 eggs
1 cube of yeast
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 yolk spreads
Pita Benny
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Yeast dissolved in 200 ml water sugar and salt. The flour is sieved, and thereto was gradually added yeast and eggs. Everything is kneaded and already the dough is divided into three balls. Each roll and make three identical rounds. Each circle is glued to the other with margarine. Arranged one above the other are rolled over and then the resulting circle is cut into triangles, as a cake. The resulting triangles are wound from the wide side to the top (like muffins). Arranged in a buttered baking dish and smeared with beaten yolk. On top sprinkle with sesame and poppy. Bake in a moderate oven at 180 C for about 45 minutes.
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02 Oct 2008


Super cake is today made it.

cake is super, but flour is 1 kg.

Congratulations! Bread is fabulous! And I think 1.5 kg flour is a lot! But I think this is most important. Every housewife knead can assess how much flour to knead dough. Thank you!

Bravo was a colleague, a great master you :)

I like it! Goes to Favorites!

Bravo for the beautiful cake! In the favorite is.

Will you score *Excellent*?

diminished proportionally products 1 kg flour. Very nice, straight duck. Put and photos.

In favorites! Great work!

products diminished slightly and I distributed *muffins* in 4 small bowls. Received very mekichki and delicious tortillas. The recipe is quick and easy and will certainly use it again.

Great recipe and very fast. I cool idea three rounds separately, respectively colorful salt, seeds, and the third only oil. Cut into florets and baked. Very tasty cake recipe I will use often.

baked bread and it was also great. Put and photos.

This dough does not leave you a bit to rise?

rises twice. One is when kneading, and the other in the baking pan. At least I do.

Maybe not to rise! This lovely bread has become that way!