Pita-roll Babina napkin

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# For the dough for two rolls:
500 g flour
egg 1
1 tbsp fresh yeast (7 g dry)
4 tbsp sugar
about 1 cup milk or water
1 tbsp butter
5 tbsp sunflower oil
pinch of salt
# filling the first roll:
1/2 cup poppy seed
3 tbsp sugar
# filling the second roll:
2 tbsp butter
3 tbsp sugar
1/2 cup coconut
Pita-roll Babina napkin
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Filling the first roll: poppies are boiled in water to soften slightly crushing, add sugar and mix. Filling second roll: Roll out the dough sheet is coated with the butter, sugar on top is dusted on it - coconut. Note: The filling can be put on the butter and sugar soaked raisins, cut into small pieces of dried apricots, candied peel or fruit etc. - Taste and availability. Fresh yeast is diluted in a little of slightly warmed milk (dry mix with flour). Products dough mix and knead dough non-solid. Leave in a warm place to rise. After half an hour knead lightly and leave another half hour to rise. The dough is divided into two parts - one part for each roll. Roll dough is rolled into a thickness of about 7 mm. Insert the filling (in this case - poppy) and spread evenly over the entire surface. Turn to roll. The ends of the bundle were cut to prepare them then the central rosette. Connect the ends of the roll. It is transferred to the paper and cut a circle of petals (from the outside to the center), by making the radial cross sections through a 1 cm but not to end but leaving leaves sandwiched therebetween. Making of the pita: One petal turns inwards (to the center). The two subsequent leaves were left outside, get better and slightly turned sideways around the axis. With the next three petals do the same - one inside, two outside. Then the roll is divided to the end. Finally gets figured wheel, as shown in the picture. Placed in the middle of the roll, the severed before the end 2 - are prepared central rosette. Cover the pita with a cloth and allowed to stand for 10-15 minutes. Smeared with beaten egg yolk and place in preheated oven and bake at 180 C. After about 20 minutes the pita is ready. Cover for 10 minutes with double folded towel and leave to cool a little. Optional, finished hot pita can bake syrup 2 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp water and or light (grape, apple, pineapple) juice. While the first baked pita-roll, prepare a second pita with other substances.
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26 Sep 2010
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Leleeee, what a beauty! Jump remain without words!

Wow, such a thing I had never seen! Ina, you just sculptured this cake! BRAVO!

Ina recipe goes to favorites. I'll try to make it with cheese. I think it will happen.

Unfortunately, photos are not my creation. Identifying the sources and recipes and photos. From tomorrow I will not have a computer, so I let me get translated recipes and foreign pictures. Can make variations, with different fillings and without fillings, and so I share them. I apologize in advance if I can answer any question.

Many beautiful cake.

Wonderful ideas thank you! And I will wait.

I can only say Bravo!

Beautiful and certainly tasty. Thanks, tillia!

Bravo! I do not know from which asks to start. Very original! Congratulations!

great beauty.

God and I was speechless. Great beauty. Again fabulous culinary experience. Dear Ina, thank you for the excellent recipe.

Put evaluation *Very good* taste that is obtained. I used 500g flour (for one roll) cut it to 24 pieces and Peko in shape with a diameter of 25cm. Next time I'll make it to 600 - 650 g flour to make a massive ask. I did it with a filling of coconut covered it with honey and oil (mixed) and did a small amount of light sugar syrup, which I poured the cake after cold. The taste is gorgeous (in appearance has yet to work:-)) There are pictures.

Napravo zanemyah. Kracota! Cazhalyavam, flashover in momenta nyamam makovo ceme but WEBSITES in ponedelnik otivam in grada, kypyvam, LEGAL and design could opitame pitkata and na vkyc. Three times bravo.

Elti, my congratulations! Overtook me in the making of bread, and suggest another interesting option for stuffing!

Oh, tillia, I'm glad you're online. I have not used another option for stuffing. Did ur proposal with coconut:-). I wanted to ask is whether 500g flour for one roll or generally 500g for both (ie 250g roll)? I have done wonders with threads in my 500g, but not look like your pictures (slices are the tiny ones). A 250g? (It is going to bagel).

Temporary'm online! In the last year I try to run recipes made and photographed by me. Unfortunately, the last few recipes not. In the original recipe says that as I have translated: Ingredients *For the dough for two rolls.* The pictures often do not match the true size. On the occasion of your question again see them and only reference my scissors to one of them. Thus, in my view, the outer diameter of the reel is about 20 cm. 250 g flour 500 g did *5-minute bread.* I conclude that we will get 2 tortillas around 500 Nothing interferes with the products to make a cake, as you've done, but in a smaller pan. Or doubled products / as usually we do cakes - about 1 kg flour /. The aim is to get the recipe interesting way of its layout.

Thanks for the reply. *As we make cakes - about 1 kg flour* - like that will be next time. :-))) It was so delicious (well, not that I made with 250 g flour). With coconut stuffing is not so beautiful, but very fragrant. Next time may mix poppy coconut. Thanks for the recipe !!!

I've done something in the recipe of BABY - Walnut tangle with walnuts and liked us. Will try and poppy, coconut is not my favorite!

right, is similar. There is little difference in shape. Walnut mixture is another option, and especially I would have preferred for sweet stuffing. And the idea of ​​forming a can try one circle inside, 3 outside. You might get something else originally. The point is to give an idea of ​​play of imagination.

I will join the opinion of all - look unique! Check the website from which tillia chose this fabulous recipe and saw there great beauty! I want to ask you ladies have already tried this recipe - in how deep baking pan bake this cake and the diameter and if anyone tried salty option?

madeleine, congratulations! Sincerely envy you with ELTI that you have already tried. I guess you can give further clarification as for now I can not give.

I've never seen such a beautiful cake. I try it stuffed with walnuts and raisins and put it in one roll rectangular cake by turning one left and one right. It was great. I know how you will work down the cake.

Mariana, and I like this stuffing. And your idea to form the cake will steal it from you!

From the products made a roll. I did it with salty cheese. I do not get very successfully, but next time will try more.

misunderstood with 2nd roll what it is doing nothing is mentioned in the recipe, but it divisible into two dough make a roll, my way? Someone explain to me please?

While the first bake bread-roll, prepare a second loaf with other substances. * In the last line of the recipe is the explanation.

Yes, thanks, I've missed the last line :) I apologize :)

Nothing. Sometimes :)