Colorful salad with couscous

Submitted by enr on 05 Nov 2008
250 g couscous
5 pickles
2 carrots
1 boiled egg
300 g canned corn
200 g mayonnaise
lemon juice
Colorful salad with couscous
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Kus put up, put in a saucepan with olive oil and fry until golden - so do not stick together. Add boiling water and leave to boil cous-Kusa. When ready drain, add other products, diced. Season with lemon juice, a little pepper, salt and mayonnaise, mix well and sprinkle with chopped parsley.
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05 Nov 2008


Very tasty salad camp, put it into the favorite and will prepare again!

FUSIONE salad for how many people is it?

We Eat a lot of salads, and this dose enough to see three :)

I'm gladthank

great salads. Several times in January and guests prepare her very haersvat. Tonight again made it. Tomorrow at noon, will gather. Like Russian but skus, couscous and very easily prigitvya. And the potatoes until they boil. Then you have to wait to true and finally to cut the finely great toy. I do always large doses because Sabir many people. Daezh now boiled 3 packets couscous, cous. Congratulations to those who made it up.

If we add the smoked sausage or a little smoked meat becomes even more delicious :) Try it and you will not regret. But still a matter of taste :)

Extremely good proposal for the winter holidays. At home we love Russian salad and now will prepare it with couscous instead of potatoes. Goes in favorite recipes.

Super salad when it put garlic and dill instead of parsley.

And I have made with dill and garlic is better.

I think now to do, but can you put and leek?

Very tasty salad is super.

Our favorite salad. A feast Be sure to prepare. Do not putcarrots and parsley and spoon mustard. Greetings to the author!

Today I did it again, of course, a whole packet of couscous. We're delicious!

I did it with the products but quantities are one to gyotora everything as I roll and pickles that I pretty much love them. But really is a good alternative for the Russian salad, but next time I'll put and ham.

Wonderful salad! Much like home!