Roasted pancake

Submitted by enr on 03 Apr 2009
2 eggs
4-6 tbsp flour
1 cup milk
pinch of salt
hip jam
powdered sugar for sprinkling
walnuts for sprinkling
Roasted pancake
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Beat the eggs, flour, milk and salt and pour the mixture into a greased baking pan. Bake in a hot oven. Pancake removed and still warm sprinkle with feta cheese or jam. Wound on a roll and cut into pieces.
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03 Apr 2009


It looks very tasty! Bravo Maggie! :)

I loved! Bravo!

Very well seem Maggie is already in favorites :)

Maggie, how much tavi4ka? Now'd got the mix, but how thick should become pala4inkata? Put it into the refrigerator and 4akam response:-)

I used a pan of 20 cm 30 cm, but I think in a slightly greater will occur. And I missed to say that by subtracting the pancake is brushed thoroughly with margarine soften!

made her was delicious. I do not know why, but swelled as if there is a rising agent! That the staining remembered herself, and then dropped. My son loved it! My pan was as yours, just obviously I got:-)

And to me a little swelled, but it is very simple, fast and delicious! For example, unexpected guests!

Several times I've done this pancake in the baking pan that is set to power. Oven pancake and each time was great. You gave me the idea to do this again pancake.

I thought I'd try it in the baking pan of the electric. Oven but gave up! I think that is very thick and will not bake nice! But next time I will try it when you say that it is!

just got hip jam tomorrow and today I will do

Today I made it and it was great! Thanks for the recipe!

pancake is very tasty! I did one with cheese and one with strawberry jam!

Maggie, thanks for really between the successful recipe. Became incredibly delicious. Instead of pushing to make them one by one, so is easy. BRAVO!

great recipe Bravo

Last night I made pancakes daughter in law (it is photosynthesis) But still eat half pancake alone! I did it with strawberry jam! And tonight will try with chocolate ,,,

And just ask .. how long it below above won her in the heated oven? 10 min? 20? and a toothpick I check whether it is ready .. I got a little problem with the oven: D I still overcook things: D

Super idea! Bravo!

This time I received very well. The first time I missed coated with margarine and about my crush, but now with pine honey was wonderful!

And I wonder how many minutes won her?

for about 15 minutes but depends on the oven

Very well received, thanks for the recipe! You can add various spices and optional happens every time something different.

And we liked it a lot! Prepared a double dose baked in a large square pan and spread with cream of yogurt, powdered sugar and plum jam. Bravo for the recipe!

Great pancake. It's a bit stuck, but get super. No longer toss pancakes in an hour, and more. Thanks for the recipe.

I can offer you such a p-th with 4yaytsa, 0, 500l milk 12-14s. l flour. In a large pan to the stove is -koyato also may be dab with oil or cr. oil heat oven to 200 / Insert the baking pan to heat the oil then pour the mixture. Bake about 30 minutes. Swell while many bake after cool fall

Do not cover pre snishto and each puts your taste salty or sweet just tearing pit and say my grandchildren.

I have problems with baking pancakes. Really becomes very delicious, but stick to the baking pan and it is impossible to come off. I tried baking baking pan and cold and hot and cold in the preheated oven. The dough was rising, rising, but part of it persistently and firmly stick to the bottom. Help, please.

litter baking pan with baking paper!

Thank lu4a, I have not given up, will try tomorrow and this. :)

In the pan put oil as yeast are cubes and put it in the warm oven to melt, I even leave it slightly browned and then warm colored batter! Good luck!

So far anoint baking pan with oil.

is really great:-) I have made with yogurt, but the way I like it.

Nelly after they tried everything cooks take note of the baking pan in which won if with thick bottom Pour more oil to the pan and heat / sizzle / dough like a pancake and matter in the pan are made in Teflon can and no fat

hurray, I! Thanks for the tips, everyone! I really baking pan is more plump, half a packet of butter melted in it, wait browned and then poured out the dough. This time I do not stick anything on the bottom! In any case it again - the result was - a whole and very tasty pancake.

Great, I did it with a filling of Feta cheese, cream and strawberry jam with whole

And I could not come off my pancake (although razstopih substantial amount of margarine in the pan), but that does not stop me to taste and find that it's really delicious. Garnish it as torta- with kofityur and fresh fruit. Will try again, maybe I will make the mixture more gastichka and put paper on the bottom of the baking pan.

I do make only Teflon pan in another way I can not come off

I do with it in the oven baking pan, but put baking paper and always come off without a hitch

very easy and very vksno. I really did not stick. 1 friend had told me in the mix to put 1 tablespoon oil and a little melted masaltse precisely does not stick. And obviously get - right itself out of the baking pan. Thanks Maggie

Yes, definitely does not stick to the paper.

This is great. Which was performed today for breakfast already gone to eat in no time I was able to do, however picture. I put the mixture in a little oil in the pan put baking paper. I did not spreadable margarine then to soften. Once we ivadih from the oven she covered with plenty of strawberry jam, sprinkled with walnuts and rolled. I'll put a picture. Thanks for the recipe, Maggie.

Many successful recipe! Scowled at me a lot, but maybe because I added vanilla to the mixture ... Thanks for the recipe!

and I stuck a little, I was able to come off, but I do not roll was very nice (maybe because I used a round pan) but otherwise very tasty, the next time I hope to do better with the outside type :)

Very tasty I get a pancake! Thanks for retsptata! I hid the baking pan with baking paper and my pozalepna less. Homely happened, but we do not so much held an appearance :)

I've done bake pancakes and put inside Russian salad, wrapped tightly cut into pieces. Suitable for appetizer.!

I am glad that you like! I do not know why you stick .. what flour you use?

I have found my way to not stick, put a lot of fat on the bottom, then sprinkle with flour ... and must put the pan to warm up before you pour the mixture. Usually use Barsha, mommies type 500 said :)

I use FarinAp of Sofia Mel, but I enjoyed and type 500, I have not clap .. :)

For you not pour it on the stick baking paper. So I did and it was.

do her yet again and I really did not stick with it in plain baking pan. Just put 1 S. L. OIL in mixtures or small MASALTSE and ready -No bonding at all. Alone out of the baking pan