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1 egg white
3 tbsp (30 g) sugar
1 tsp (5 ml) vinegar
1 vanilla powder
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All products are well broken. Pour into a greased baking dish and bake kisses low oven.
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01 Dec 2002


Many are good, you will not regret it.

They are very nice to me and were like damn easy!

remained my one protein and tried the recipe became great kisses, but without form. Someone knows what can be given shape?

Desi, I make a recipe - walnut kisses. Look at them. First Beat whites of hard snow, then add the sugar and beat with mixer min. 5 minutes (to melt sugar) and finally put the vinegar and again crashed. I do not use a gun, but with coffee spoons sipvam mixture on baking paper.

Thank Reni, tomorrow will try at your option.

how long to bake? and how *little oven*? I put them in 100 degrees with a fan, but no more than an hour stand soft. I powered oven browning tips slightly, but still soft ... maybe that should not know. solidify you as true?

I'm sorry I do not have a picture. My recipe is inherited from my grandmother. Simply put proteins in glass for example, and the dose is 1 to the 2, 5. So 1 cup proteins, 2 cups sugar and halves. Optionally, you can sobavite vanilla. Stir with a mixer to such turns white. Burke then continues in a water bath, with hot but not boiling water. You become so thick mixture that by lifting the mixer tips that result do not fall. Bake paper 100 degrees. The forms are made by injection molding in a pouch which is cut top. That's May help you.

Yes, Daria is absolutely right, snow legal water bath is about 10 times more stable than the cold-the defeated. There is another method that is only experienced - proteins are broken down into the snow, with a pinch of salt, sugar and a few drops of acid. when hardened snow starts adding boiling water, drops of almost, but endlessly. Beating continues very very strong speed. This technique boiled snow and then you will fall! And kisses are very very more durable!

Nothing ever I add to the mixture than whites, sugar and vanilla. When it comes to kissing. Just a water bath (the court complex in a bowl of hot water) I always get, but just avoid a lot of calorie and prepare them for no reason. My grandmother wore crushed gum (of stones) and had an interesting taste. Some put walnuts prefer to sprinkle them with something before baking. But if it comes to kissing cream decoration (shamkrem) to the beaten whites add caramelized sugar stressed the jet. Water I have not heard.

I'm not talking about additives, flavoring, and on preparation of protein snow. A they are three: cold killed tseluvchena table warm killed tseluvchena table (what you describe) and cooked tseluvchena mass which is also called Italinaska tseluvchena table (what I describe me). I do not know what is not understood.

I'm sorry I do not have a good camera, take pictures with the phone. I tried to see from close, have bubbles in the end, which I think is that they are cooked properly and well. So grandmother taught me. I tried to share below everything I know about kissing her. I hope I have been helpful to some of you. Good luck!

30 c. Sugar is very small, so as bake remain soft. I put 3 egg whites 210 g sugar and mix with mixer in a water bath, use the form tolumbichka by attaching a strong plastic bag, hole in one end promushkvam shape and secure with tape, pour protein dough in the bag and injection molding. And I will try to do them in the recipe.

My kisses were soft, I do not know what is.

r1r2 low oven may have other severe or severe constipation were from outside, but inside are left raw. Try again :)

I only did them with: 1 pc. 5 tablespoons protein sugar and 1 pm. l vinegar. First they Peko 130 C with a fan and darkened their tops, but then they Paiute without fan and became great

I make them put 5 egg whites 450 g granulated sugar + 2 vanillin and break them in a water bath 15 minutes. Bake them 45 m. To 110 g. Oven! I ran a picture!

first do them and I am delighted with the result, an excellent recipe, bravo! :)

but did not receive any time observe the recipe and it is ka6a top izpi4at otvutre are raw and rolled half-wit you ... I do not know ...

ekaterina91 try to smash the mixture of proteins in a water bath. Thus clamp faster and the effect is reliable.

They become wonderful

Zdrveyte at this time kissing bake at 110 degrees in the oven fan. I did it with 4 protein as each protein to put 5. L. Sugar. Do not break them in a water bath and have a normal and became very hard and nice mixture. My son licked the beaters and said they were very tasty. : D