Pizza dough Italiana

Submitted by enr on 08 Apr 2010
25 g of brewer's yeast
250 ml water
1 large potato
50 ml olive oil
15-20 g of salt
1 tbsp sugar
500-700 g flour
Pizza dough Italiana
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Potatoes and boiled until still warm creases. Of these products knead a soft dough. Merge brewer's yeast in lukewarm water. After it has melted add 1 tbsp sugar and 2-3 tablespoons of flour, stir well and leave to rise. In a large bowl empty the remaining water and add the yeast mixture, up the cold potato, olive oil and mix well. Add flour gradually, which has previously stirred salt. When you receive a similar mixture of cake, sprinkle the table with plenty of flour, pour the mixture on top and begin to knead the dough, adding flour continuously. The dough is ready when it stops being sticky hands. Allow two days left in the refrigerator to rise, covered with a damp cloth and cover. * From kneaded dough are obtained 3 pizzas. * When do I get pizza pan, put a little olive oil on top put dough for pizza and started to roll out the hands.
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08 Apr 2010


Where buy brewer's yeast? Many years ago I bought a beer in a glass bottle of 500 ml, but now I have not seen anywhere?

At least here in our brewer's yeast has in dm and other drugstores. Sold in powder or tablets. Ask the pharmacy if you do not find elsewhere.

It is already here and has dm, but somehow different ... Thank you for the idea and the case will ask at one of their stores. Hello! :)