Potato pan (Bratkartoffeln)

Submitted by enr on 12 Nov 2009
1.5 kg potatoes (mostly tight varieties)
3 large onions (maybe more)
1 handful chopped bacon or smoked salo optional
Potato pan (Bratkartoffeln)
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Option 1: Peel the potatoes and cut across the washers, about 4-5 mm. Onions cut into strips or circles. In a large skillet (preferably iron) put sunflower oil, as the bottom is thoroughly covered. Put potatoes, onions and possibly bacon, add salt is mixed well. Replace lid and includes kotlonat be heated to a lower degree, for example, 3 of 4, and then be reduced to at least half the capacity. Potatoes mixed rare but periodically turn a shovel. They are ready when tastes are apparently cooked when the color is braised and caramelized onions. The bacon should be melted. This amount is preparing at least 40 minutes. Option 2: already cooked, cooled down potatoes are sliced. Onion strips. In a large skillet put sunflower oil, put the onions (and possibly bacon), pipette him some water, Cover and stew until soft, without stirring much. Kotlonat must average hot. Remove the lid, put the washers potatoes, add salt and turn occasionally. Orientation in color - in the desired color of the crust and the onion remove from fire. This is a way to use other unnecessary garnish of potatoes - boiled, baked. If you are served with sausages, meatballs or fried sausages, can be mixed just before serving, so to take scent from each other. * All amounts are eye. Go 4 very generous portions. * Potatoes are definitely not diet, but should not swim in fat. Moreover, none of the products must not burn. Everyone knows stove - better a little slower to cook than get burned, but inside are raw. * Tips and variations there as there are households. The differences do not consist in the products and in this potato variety which is most appropriate, what pan, what thickness of shims, who bacon, etc. This is the way, as I prepare them.
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12 Nov 2009


This recipe I like both versions will try and put what spices

Very good. Freshly made potato. Very tasty. What I added was savory and parsley.

Veni, glad:-) NEDC, I personally do not put any. But in general - there are no restrictions. Paprika, pepper, cumin, chili pepper, green onion, rosemary, leeks, marjoram, lemon thyme - anything is possible. Put it in the end, do not you burn.

And I put them mint. Very very tasty!

Azgi prepare for the second described way and are very tasty favorites at home. I did not know it had a name:-)

One of the most common ways of serving with a poached egg. Another popular dish - with Lebercase and spinach.

Required will try them - look very appetizing!

Mmmm ... looks very good - in favorites.

I before the day I made them again - finally sprinkled with toasted dried chili pepper ... mmm. If you are doing a small amount, be sure to reduce oil) for onions is not important - the more, the more aromatic become.

If you put some mushrooms, will be more delicious?

I have not seen him put mushrooms, Maya ... If the sample - say how it happened:-)

Last night I made potatoes - were very tasty, especially caramelized onions ... mmm! To me were a little greasy - I think I put plenty of fat. Next time I would put less!

Rennie, what I wrote was my dear ...

Oh, no, I'm not slagalaa but wonder if nyayakoy is ...

Last night I made them and put the mushrooms, but they put some water and cooking time is extended. It was great.

I am glad that you liked: -)

There is one way in which the Germans prepare them: Boiled potatoes are sliced ​​and onions in large circles. Fry with oil and oil by obrashtat periodically flipping in the air like a pancake. By sharpening the way become mushy. So they did them in one pt in Germany.

Yes, thus onion remains hrupav, more severe for those who like it so ideal.

I can not join here. Divine potatoes ... Straight no words. Seemingly simple, only two products, and taste terrific. I do it several times, but all in houses agree that these potatoes are delicious even fried.

donations very glad that you dapadat potatoes. This is one of the national German dishes, as you say, very simple, but tasty and filling.

This option seen him like frozen vegetables - semi and very tasty, but the potatoes are cut into small pieces. Now I do it only to try the potatoes cut them finely into small cubes and advance them pushed in mikrovalnuvata leeko to soften, to see what happens :)

Good luck and say how they become :)

I put them with little water in the microwave for 5 minutes. Cut into small cubes. Then zaparzhih slightly onion, put potatoes relieving and stove, and put the lid to suffocate. As softened potatoes increased the heat and added the tidbits. In my case, since I had put bacon marinated pork tenderloin cut also shreds. Became great. Bravo for the idea. :)

I am glad that he has received as expected :)

I did them without bacon due to lack of product became very well, it reminded me many years ago I made potatoes with pork slices of meat with potatoes onions and garlic in the same technology! I added to the potatoes and 2 cloves of garlic. Easy and delicious!

Steph, and I do not put bacon because nekonsumatsiya product;) And again are very loved at home ... I am glad that all you like, thanks for the good evaluations :)

goodies! Made for a portion in the 2nd option. I put 1/2 red onion. Falsified with dill and garlic 1 sklidka. After zaparzhiha added eggs and pieces of mozzarella. I turned off the stove and closed with a lid to smother for 10 minutes. Falsified with oregano. Do not put bacon and pure oil.

Marina, nice, very nice pictures! My son just like traditional bratkartofeln and every time you experiment with them, sulking. But with mozzarella or other cheese can be nezhnotopyashto and liked them. In any case I really like me!

I tried them and I these potatoes. Very tasty! Not put bacon, but again we liked. Serve them with poached eggs and fried cream cheese.

them and sprinkled with cayenne pepper. The rating is excellent!

Thanks for the nice comment :)

I made them for garnish - became our favorite meal

:) I am happy that the recipe is considered so good! :)

last night for an appetizer recipe for beer made quite tochno- potatoes, onions and bacon. Many liked :)

This is heard, Annie :) Thanks for the positive opinion :)

To remind you of this yummy, easy, economical and incredibly tasty.

Can be prepared in a Teflon pan. Or another court? I do not have dalbokichak pan. Thank you.

I'm preparing them in a Teflon pan. A, but still have to be deeper.

Yes, you can in a Teflon pan, but as Ivka told - must comply with the amount of its size.

Thank you. Now their time these fries. :)

Definitely go in the winter as a garnish to a tezhichki dishes with meats, sausages and quick snacks, while summers are nice and salads to vegetables or just dip.

Wonderful fries! Prepared them almost quantity of bacon, because our cat decided to take care of my cholesterol. In a Teflon pan cooked without problem. Thanks to easy and very tasty proposal. If I can handle the photos will put one picture.

Well done, very glad that lived up to your expectations! Good appetite! :)

I can not bring such an appetizing golden color of the potatoes and onions, if not because of the pan, which is Teflon and not allow them to popreparzhat?

Give them time and fat. In a Teflon pan becomes nice Nagar, only have time and are not dried potatoes. Let them fry and 10 minutes without turn, raises a paddle to control the color and when appetizing brown, only then turn. Get around in the described preparation methods according to the potatoes that you use.

Get up! But no time to shoot, disappeared in seconds. Thank you.

good and easy recipe! I sprinkled them then cheese. These potatoes are to eat bread or other bread :)

We do not eat potato bread. But everyone is free to eat as he likes. :) I'm glad you like it.

Now do them with fresh potatoes (because there is no way to miss out on our favorite fries) and damp oil by almost half because fresh potatoes let their water a little banging, but the taste is the same.

Mmmm, how reminded me! I did not make them in the spring. Must soon join them on the menu. Look great in the picture :)