Cheesecake - Brownie

Submitted by enr on 06 Feb 2009
# For the brownie mixture:
120 g of dark chocolate, best 80% cocoa
120 g butter
150 g brown sugar
2 eggs
60 g flour
# For the cheesecake mixture:
1 Egg
240 g feta cheese Philadelphia
60 g sugar
1 vanilla
Cheesecake - Brownie
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The mixture is pan 20x20 cm. Tray is lined with aluminum foil. The oven was heated to 180 C. chocolate and the butter were melted in a pot and stirred. Add the sugar, then the eggs, while stirring with a mixer. And add the flour, stir well. All the ingredients for cheesecake is a fluffy mixture. 3/4 of the mixture is poured into a brownie pan. It is poured onto the mixture of cheesecake. The remaining chocolate mixture is added dropwise on top and with a spoon is made by marble. Bake 30-35 minutes. This is the original recipe. Personally, I use white or fruit sugar mixture and the world, if no real vanilla, put only 1/3 packet of vanilla, otherwise I was very pushy.
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06 Feb 2009


I loved this cake! If there is a picture will be wonderful! :)

There's a picture, Maggie must approve it. This is the most delicious cake that I ate. Who do it once, do it a second time.

Pay attention to quantities - did not have much. For a sweet tooth or for larger families dose should at least be doubled.

Wow, look stahotno.

But his appearance pales taste, believe me! Juicy and intense, I love it.

If I rally in the monitor will eat it :) is great!

Well I do not it will not do it :)! Do you know what I fear? Then that will make you do it day .. :) hihihihih because son and daughter love chocolate :). But will surely do it. :)

Oleee, what is this delicatessen in the picture? Sorry about that, but what is that 240 grams Philadelphia?

foladelfiya is fresh cheese like cream Bulgarian, maybe just a little greasy, but creamy. But can be done with any fresh cheese Ekskviza etc.

Bozheeeeeeee, great looks, immediately goes to Favorites

I wonder how I have not seen this sladkishche earlier :). Many will be tasty, now lick. Aliana, you know I'm a big fan of you!

Honey, your cake spread throughout Germany already :)) first, that rozhdennichkata was thrilled with the gift and the second in Munich directly licked his fingers as they did :) and tomorrow you again to stir up that colleagues in REISEBUERO and they are waiting to try it ... Tsunki me

God looks great, beautiful and makes me come to bite the monitor

Girls pinching and do it. 10 minutes is all mixing, see Siusan, she is my neighbor, and do it three times last week! Her first attempt was successful! Glad you like in appearance, but the taste is even better!

rally that'll do me? And I'd like.

great cake. Yesterday I did and it was great. Like the picture! And the taste is incredible! Very good recipe. Thank you!

At last I managed to make the cake after a failed attempt. Yesterday it prepared for Valentine's day my son. Became incredibly delicious. Will do it again for sure.

Desi, bravo! I am very glad that you was delicious!

s nice, I ate with pleasure!

did it 2 weeks ago and was fascinated (and not just me), cruel cake! Chiyzkeykovete love!

and fildelfiyata can you replace with cheese !? more precisely topfen said here much smoother kosistentsiya there

I think you can replace with Philadelphia cheese and topfen Is not salt-free. Try and then share what happened.

dapesil, may be replaced with cottage cheese - fat, cream, Topfen, there is no difference, except 4f bright mixture sweetened with a little less sugar and she put 1/2 k. l. salt. Good luck! And your meal:-)

And then with chocolate can you?

I'm replacement in another recipe. Oil + chocolate = chocolate. In this case: 120g chocolate 120g + oil = 240g Nutella. The brown part will be lighter, but it is not so important.

Diana, today made a triple dose of chocolate: 400g chocolate 125g butter, 1 cup sugar water, 6 eggs, 7s.l. flour (very full). The white part mornings. Became great brownies, as always, without any difference in consistency, just as sweet in chocolate will not add more sugar!

Rally and why baking pan covered with a film must be a reason?

Because remain relatively juicy, hard to pull them out of the pan. As it pulls the whole cake and lift it slightly - releasable film. I today on baking paper it did not matter, just not directly in the baking pan. I'll put pictures.

rally I did with one dose of chocolate and really was very nice. My youngest son loved it. will now Luang Prabang and I like you - treble

You put him there sugar? If not - and I will not put in the chocolate front time makes me vtrese sweet! You see pieces of what is in the picture? One you divide it two people and still barely eat!

To tell you the put. I and my people love a little more sweet and we were fine. But if you do not like very sweet without sugar can be stane- maybe. For me personally it was just my taste. But the pieces you really should. If I had to eat so much and I can be me too much.

Today finally did this dessert. It is very tasty, but I did not get rich, but rather dry.

LYUBCHO, I have no explanation for this ... See the picture, it is not thin, just right is. Has not been much flour? Or oven was hotter? Should not be dry, very rights, this is Brown should be juicy. Replace ingredients you?

my ingredients were exactly as you describe them, but I guess in baking is the problem, because the bottom is poizgoryal. And it Paiute middle grill. Importantly, it is delicious and so, but will have corrective.

Sazhlyavam that happened to be. To put the work and finally becomes 100%. And, another remembered: if baking fan, always made with 20 degrees less, ie in the case of 160 degrees.

Lord, I will not sleep dokaot not do it ...

Today we have prepared again. Mixture Brownie put it all on her put cheesecake mixture. After baking the cake let it cool down. On already cooled cake put half a jar of apricot jam mixed with a little brandy. Top sprinkled with blueberries. Prevazhodnooo happened.

Bravo! The idea is great - to garnish with fruit! Must try.

And if I join in kalabalaka did it with 120 g. Chocolate, 120 g butter 2 eggs, 60 g flour, sugar not put. The ingredients for the cake left chiz same. Became great, and you can eat a large piece. Next time I will do it with sugar.

please, if you can tell me how to put the dark chocolate, a brand of chocolate do not know who to trust and want to get better, or how to put the cocoa town, long his invite to this brownie looks very appetizing :)

I use Phineas. Good luck!

time I wanted to make cheesecake and more delay, it would seem complicated and laborious. Until I came across your recipe Rally. This is a subtle, delicate, crisp pastry ... I can not find the most accurate words to express my emotions associated with this cake. For three days I do it twice, I managed to photograph only one, the first was destroyed immediately. Besides taste qualities, proved to be very easy, comfortable and fast to implement. And just my taste - much chocolate melting in the mouth. I followed the recipe exactly and the result is more than successful. And as you say, Raleigh, who do it once, you will surely repeat. I totally agree, I can *repeat* every week - with a double dose. My assessment is *excellent*.

This cheese, what can replace it?

with cream cheese, see ninth comment:-) And success! Donations - very redvam that you like. And at home I love it so.

Today I did it in the shape of a heart for St. Valentine, photos will be released on Monday as it cut!

You can not keep him and today was a holiday! Juicy and delicious!

My become very thin, maybe I did something wrong :(

How big was your baking pan, Inna?

Bravo! Really great yesterday and did almost over. Each bite is a pleasure!