Tomato soup with noodles

Submitted by enr on 25 Aug 2007
2 kg tomatoes (or 2 canned tomatoes 700 g)
2 onions
4-5 carrots
3-4 cloves garlic
2-3 sprigs of parsley or basil
200 g vermicelli
50 ml sunflower oil
pinch of pepper
Tomato soup with noodles
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Tomatoes are scalded with hot water, peel and finely. If canned, just peel and cut. Onions and carrots and cut into small pieces. In a preheated pan pour the oil to warm slightly. Add salt. To put the carrots and onions to stew in fat over medium heat until soften. Add vermicelli and fry paying with a wooden spoon with vegetables on medium heat until golden. Add tomatoes. Make 2 cups hot water and let it cook on medium heat until ready - to boil noodles. Finally, add finely chopped parsley or basil, peeled and crushed garlic and pepper.
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25 Aug 2007


this soup is pretty much reminds me of childhood my grandmother made her so

A little while ago I made. Easy to prepare and very tasty :)

Very nice supichka. Grated carrots and onions and tomato juice used. Very appetizing smells chesanche and is very tasty. Thank you. :)

delicious meals! :)

will certainly prepare it these days, I love tomato soup. Goes to favorites.