Round banitsa ready peel

Submitted by enr on 27 Aug 2007
500 g filo pastry sheets
200 g feta cheese
1 cup flour
500 g yogurt
3 eggs
200 g fat (sunflower oil and margarine)
1/2 tsp baking soda
Round banitsa ready peel
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Horticulture fat melts. Prepare the stuffing beaten eggs, half yogurt, flour, salt, crumbled feta cheese and soda. Each crust sprinkled with fat spread of stuffing and twist roll. Place in the middle of a round oiled tray in the shape of a snail. This is all sheet until it fills the whole tray. Top rolled banitsa smeared with remaining yogurt and bake in moderate oven about 30 minutes.
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27 Aug 2007


Banitsa became great. All loved it! Thanks for the nice recipe! Merry Christmas :)

Very tasty banichka!

Thanks for the recipe to get crispy and delicious pie!

Thank you. What exactly looking for - classic Bulgarian pastry

Since I saw this recipe, do not do other pies. Is great!

Banitsa became mnoogo delicious and now will do regularly, thanks for the great recipe :)

pie was delicious, top January plains plenty!

Indeed, wonderful pie! I make it in without fat, only a slight crouch and baking pan top 5-6 pieces of butter / pea /.

just prepared in January, it was incredibly delicious! Only now it will prepare the pie!

has a very appetizing appearance - will try zadylzhitelno

It was amazing to taste pie! Never before had Basement pie yogurt! From now on, I also will do so only pie with cheese. Thanks for the great recipe!

flowers seduce me your picture and make you try the recipe. Thank you to you :)

Do it nice pie, I made it, and I can try this way, so I do pie, cottage cheese 300 grams. drained yogurt mlyako2 k of 400 g. 500 g. 7 eggs cheese oil all together, this is my stuffing my people name it ,, capitalist pie ,, because the quantity of products!

This time wind it up and made it imposed! Much like us!

I made the pie and it was very tasty. Already in favorite recipes my family. Thanks for the great recipe!

pie stahotna!

Really great pie!

Very tasty happened! Thanks for the recipe!

bravo! a perfect pie! Congratulations!

I want to ask 1 cup flour, is not much? And what is put, because for the first time I see a recipe for pie, ready peel with flour? Otherwise look very appetizing, and will try.

Hens, I make it, but only with 2-3. L flour for baking soda to swell slightly stuffing. I also think that the filling is less. I put more cheese and eggs, almost triple double cheese and eggs. Stuffing of 200 g. Cheese, 3 eggs and 250 grams. Yogurt is less for 500 grams. Pastry. Although I use different brands - sheet in 1 pack of 500 pcs. in numbers ranging from 10 to 14 pieces. Imagine how much stuffing you have to put - if we assume that 10 pieces - you have to put in 70 g. Stuffing - p. 3 poprepalneni is 2 tablespoons of whole sheet, which would be difficult to raztele the entire surface.

Super, super! Stuffing is not a little, and even sheet I was about 20. Favorite recipe for pie I have already. Thank you!

Great pie. I used 400 grams. Peel, 5 eggs and cheese eye and with only 2. L. Flour, sheet namaznyavah with oil. Lawn with plenty of yogurt on top and put a few pieces of margarine. It was incredibly delicious pie. I will do with it. Thanks for the recipe :)

is great! It was very tasty! :)

favorite recipes and I put 5 eggs :)