Mekitsi without eggs

Submitted by enr on 28 Oct 2007
500 g yogurt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp salt
Mekitsi without eggs
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Dough is kneaded and rolled sheet 1 cm thick. Cut into strips and fry in heated sunflower oil.
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28 Oct 2007


In most cases, do cakes using a similar recipe, but with 1 egg. Now I tried this recipe and I am pleased.

Today I tried the cakes and I liked. Thanks for Women recipe! Try girls will not regret ...

can be cut up into larger rectangles and placed at one end Cheese. Close to become square and pressed with fingers not open when frying. Are very tasty.

Many are delicious. At home they say cut kolocheta. In the dough and put 1 tsp sugar. And sometimes in the dough put not linear and cheese are great sirenki.

Super recipe, bravo! Very economical and tasty recipe :)

Very nice mekichki! Bravo!

will do tomorrow for breakfast.As soon as we do will upload pictures and tell you whether they were delicious :) Bravo otherwise recipe :))

These are the cakes that made my grandmother became very mekichki and delicious, but good dough to stand for one night in the fridge.

Many usladiha us!

still added 1 egg and 1 pm. L. Sugar :) became very delicious!