Chicken wings with honey and beer

Submitted by enr on 14 Jun 2009
1.5 kg chicken wings
1/2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp soy sauce
curry, pepper
1 cup beer
Chicken wings with honey and beer
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Washed and cleaned wings and mix well with other ingredients. And pour the oil and beer. Mix again and put to bake in a moderate oven.
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14 Jun 2009


Good idea, kids love chicken wings, today I will do this, I hope they liked it :) thanks

it did last week, very tasty favorite much he liked :)

I made them - they are great! However, I put plenty of soy sauce. Try - are amazing!

And turn them 2-3 times during cooking to make them equally golden crust.

I now do them, but all the spices mingled with beer and I poured them .. to see the need to become the de :)

sprinkled them with a little sesame, delicious look ...

and you do not bake in foil to be more juicy then to red light

not so roast them and become like caramel. them tried was delighted.

made them become great

I'm glad you liked the recipe.

How long the drought mentioned below?

comment was ,, In good are CBS! *Bravo for the recipe!

and I put a little sesame, and I could not photograph them and look fabulous!

I am glad that you liked to bake until they become like caramel. But I see that you are ready. I will do the same today. My family loves them.

today and I will do samoche inside m / u will put tratki and will have guests for appetizer prepare them, are super.

Mmm, these are great wings, today made them. Thanks for the recipe :)

And I will give them a try. Look just great.

Incredibly delicious! My children do not eat wings, but these so their usladiha that asking when I would do it again!

I added garlic and 2s.l. ketchup. And I had plenty of honey in May Incredibly delicious!

Tonight I'm going to do them, but I want to ask one tablespoon salt and soy sauce is not a lot of salt.

The recipe is very successful. My daughter licked his fingers. Thank you!

last times did not put salt and soy sauce only in large amounts. Become neneroyatni. So salt you to miss if you want.

Thanks! I already made them, put salt on our taste, wonderful they are.

unique taste

are really quite delicious wings prepared in this way.

They become great and some have tried to but4eta, I think he should try to

legs are also very tasty

unique and delicious recipe with legs

This was our dinner and enjoyed. I also put more soy sauce and some Merudia. Thanks for the recipe!

wrote molds and oil, but the recipe is not a

I estimate how much oil to put according to how greasy wings. Do not mix it with beer and sprinkle on top.

Thank you. I want to ask you are sweet to the taste of honey or not

to me are not my sweet, rather taste of caramelized. Soy sauce and salt neutralize the sweetness of honey.

I have prepared them. Very tasty. I put 4 tablespoons soy sauce.

I'm sorry that I failed to mention fat but each would have guessed it. Put oil to taste who likes maznichko more, not less.

Very easy and very tasty :)

strahotniiii are determined will prepare only so already, I liked the recipe. :)