Skerdeta (Portulaca grandiflora, kombalachki) - tutmanik

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readymade dough (for a small pan)
150 g feta cheese
2 eggs
1 tbsp yogurt
5-6 tbsp sunflower oil
Skerdeta (Portulaca grandiflora, kombalachki) - tutmanik
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Mash the feta cheese with a fork add the eggs and yogurt and 2 tbsp sunflower oil and mix nice. Or tear the pieces of dough on top of the rectangle stretch enough to put stuffing in the middle, having put stuffing fold and pinch the ends. Cut the roll into pieces 4.5 cm wide and orders in an oiled pan with cut up. Do not worry it will leak stuffing. Orders the pieces to each other but not too tightly. If you stay out of her top, sprinkle the mixture on skerdetata. Sprinkle with remaining sunflower oil and let it rise. Once rise to half of the tray put in cold oven and turn 200 C (if you can reduce the top oven). Bake until skerdetata so fulfill the tray and begin to redden slightly above, switch on top of more to constipation and get a nice brown color or bake until ready according to your oven. Remove from oven, sprinkle with water and turn to pozadushat (as grandma used to say to around levels). Serve with yogurt, juice or compote.
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06 Nov 2011


Now, to clarify the picture look like a blasted, but not-it's the lighting that I took pictures of the lamp. My husband loves toast, so I let them bake until dark brown. This is a cheese cake that my mother in law made with dough made from rural oven why no exact recipe for the dough. I do it with the finished dough.

I loved the name, and easily prepared well done!

In principle, we are of the Razgrad region, but 9 years living in this village Dimitrovgradsko. So svekito was balkandzhiyka of Sevlievo Balkan and this tutmanik call him skerdeta. In town. Vine in which we lived call him Portulaca grandiflora, so that resembles stacked cobblestones, and my mother is Romanian settlers from Tutrakan end and there call him-kombalachki.

cheese cake is interesting different names in Stara Zagora his pastry penerliya say, in my town of Pomorie is cheese cake, there may be more names!

test is a simple bread dough - flour, yeast, water, salt. Original way of shaping and already went Bookmark

Such color of names, the taste baked! Great, Mariana!

right TILIA dough is quite usual for bread in the village in which I married-with. pheasant Razgrad, svekito lived near the oven only path separated, and she regularly took the morning to 5-6 hours or dough and made this cheese cake or cakes on Saturday as a village gathered together all ..

Jump confused by names! There is nothing better than the color! Flower, I was born in Pomorie, but I have not been there in ages. Indeed, that to us says cheese cake.

Raleigh, very glad that you Pomoriyka, I'm only a year for a month, but I have VRLA pomoryka! Here at mamcheto61 feel best that makes me laugh and calms! It tutmanik think that's called ,, ,, sofiyankata buns, is a memory of childrens years buns were some large round maznichki sprinkled with powdered sugar, fragrant ...

Another delicious bakeries, easy to do and does not take much time. Thanks for shared recipe.