Slightly Brule

Submitted by enr on 18 Jul 2011
600 ml milk
1 cup cream
7 tbsp sugar to peak
4 egg yolks
Slightly Brule
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Put milk and sugar on the stove until the sugar is melted. Then beat the egg yolks and add the cream, mix them, then add them gradually in milk. Put the vanilla essence and mix. The hot mixture is poured into refractory bowls and bake in a water bath in a moderate oven until the cream a slight brown crust on top. Serve chilled, as can garnish optional.
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18 Jul 2011


Easy and certainly - delicious. Goes to favorites and will try in the near future.

Yes, it is. Becomes very smooth and delicious. :)

goes to the favorite, but when will try do not know, it was a very long list

and how many bowls out and whether it can be obarshtat as creme caramel

And what is the cream .. cooking or pastry?

I guess it's confectionery cream, not sour

There is a liquid for cooking, so I asked for

They go about 6-7 cups depends on their size, not alone tried to turn, but you can try. Can a pastry or cooking liquid cream. :)

delicious and easy pudding upload photos :)

Hello, currently puddingtata are in the oven. Cross your fingers to get better for a luxury melted chocolate. :)

become incredibly delicious chocolate Milka added a 45% cocoa and put 6 tablespoons sugar. Furthermore I added vanilla and rum extract per capsule.

And I join the comments. Became tasty pudding :)

do not get two hours cooking, remained liquid (

And I do not get. Remained liquid.