Pulling banitsa Nelly

Submitted by enr on 01 Jan 2010
# For the dough:
800 g flour
1 tbsp salt
# For the filling:
400 g feta cheese or cottage cheese
2 eggs
125 g butter
# For stretching the sheet:
100 ml sunflower oil
Pulling banitsa Nelly
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Of flour and 400 ml lukewarm salted water soft dough is kneaded. Divide into balls that leave to rest 30 minutes on towel sprinkled with flour. Grease the tin with butter or lard rendered. In a bowl pour the oil. Whichever is bead dough dipped in bowl and stretches as cakes, but thinner. Put it in the middle of the tray and disarrange the ends of the court. Sprinkle stuffed with feta cheese and scrambled eggs and bits of butter. Then again crust and filling and so on until finished products. On the last crust not sprinkle stuffing and only fat. Bake in moderate oven 35-40 minutes.
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01 Jan 2010


Wonderful pie!

Bravo! I always liked pulled pie! I put in the dough, and one tablespoon vinegar and oil, and oil in cakes before placing them disheveled always keep it warm, bake in preheated oven.

pie was great, I prepare it too in this way. I do differently, and easier in my opinion after kneading the dough, it Roll out to a thickness of about 0, 5-1 cm, and with a water glass to cut out the cakes. The diameter of the cup and the size of the cakes they determine the size of the baking pan where the pie will do :)

I also do this pie, but kneading dough balls after them, flattening them slightly anointed them with oil and put them in 3 one another in spilled plate and thus much more quickly and leave the dough on lightly tousle .

Thank you, Amy. You'll have to try it your way. You're cherishing pulling pie home.

This recipe I learned from my mother in law. Died in '86 and rolling pin used only for whipping polenta.

So do the oil, but instead put lard oil

gold and yeast put it? Or only with fresh dough?

For Maslenitsa put yeast and leave to rise

No you will not say pretty much how it comes balls of dough dose ... Because I am not aware of this pie, and you want to try!

balls are as little egg. Roughly out 12 pieces.

me I always go 16, but mine are a little smaller than an egg :)

Vesi, very tasty has received a pie in the picture! Congratulations

For the first time I've pie with homemade pastry, a little plump I received it, but next time will *pull* more :) pie was delicious !!!

Great pie! For quite some time I had the desire to do (perhaps two years) and today finally rolled. I made a half dose because I did not have enough faith in your abilities, but that a fine. The only problem was that my ceiling was slightly plump and edges were a little hard. Thanks for the great recipe back many memories of my childhood! :)

I would be very grateful if someone put a video on how exactly *pulling* for people like me where we sharpen our pull. :)