Crunchy Pickles

Submitted by enr on 24 Aug 2007
vegetables - red and green, fleshy bell peppers, carrots, cauliflower
vinegar on 6%
sea salt
dried dill
Crunchy Pickles
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Pre-washed bell cleaned of seeds and cut into pieces, carrots wheels, cauliflower florets. At the bottom of compote (1 liter) jar was filled to the ledge vinegar (to ledge at the bottom of the jar), insert 1 tbsp sea salt, 3 tbsp sugar 2 crushed aspirin. The jars are filled with vegetables and put all the spices and pour cold water. Sealed. Pay with caps down. So turning every alternate day. This makes a total of about one week. For 3 l jar proportion is: vinegar to the edge (bottom), 4 tbsp sea salt 12 tbsp sugar and 6 crushed aspirin.
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24 Aug 2007


Bravo, Ivka this is superb trushiyka. I made it and now licked his fingers, it was great. Thanks for the recipe.

I made it without anise and allspice. Became something amazing.

Wonderful turshiyka! Very tasty and crispy!

Amazing recipe! I made 13 jars, and this year I ordered at least 50! :)

I'm glad you liked the recipe! Every year I do 10-12, 3-liter jar.

Prevashodna recipe, do it from 20-30 years! I only put and celery!

As a young housewife first do pickles, all were fascinated, especially my husband! I did it faithfully recipe without any changes, just the top!

I have no words-turshiykata miracles. I do every year and yet something is wrong. This, however, is without error. This is great.

Be careful with vinegar should be of high quality.

Two years now I'm doing it and appeals to all my family.

Can you tell the amount of vinegar (1l. Jar) and how many grams fit of vegetables in it, that I want to do these days, but one bidonche that I jars. How many of the spices are placed in 1l. jar?

Excellent recipe! Easy to make and the result is great - crispy and delicious. After making seven kilograms. to sample and eat for half a month, I pledged calmly abundance. I reduced the sugar by 1/4 as I suspected it would become sweet for our taste and I'm not mistaken. Became great, the best I have ever before.

Make sure you put sea salt, can not ordinary?

Turshiykata is great! Last fall I made it and it was very tasty. Now I have prepared double quantity of vegetables. Congratulations for the recipe!

It's really delicious!

Favorite turshiyka!

This is the best pickle, which I've done in my life. Everyone else forget them. Bravo, excellent!

It is very delicious! Became our favorite! Bravo!

hello, I would like to ask Gambia predvaritelno keeps you in marinade or anything etaka as described in the recipe?

One jar remained until July / hide is out shelf /. We opened it and know sashtto so crispy like in winter. I have not done a good pickle.

Come on please, you give some amount in ml. of vinegar to 1 liter. jar! Think about us abroad, I have not got neither normal nor 3l. jars, and the local (670ml.) a little much to me to see the ledge, while we want from their delicious cuisine for brandy :)

I also now do this pickle. Please recommend me a brand vinegar, because I can not find from this, which generally do Pickled. Great is delicious pickles. Last year I went with 3 jar. This will fill all available. :)

I also ask the author to provide the amount of vinegar in milliliters, because my become too acidic ...

hello want to ask about the amount of vegetables on how much should I put to you one to one above or below

for a jar of stewed (1 liter) - 150 ml vinegarhenceforth assume according to the number of liters jar that will gilding.
As for the brand - I salt and vinegar not spare money. In hypermarkets has a great selection and always buy the most expensive - no error.
Go to products - even her gobbled will share :) cmon success with rakia and smart :)

Hello Ladies. Third year doing this recipe and became incredibly delicious. Thanks for the recipe. Good Day to all!

favorite pickles in our house! This delicious pickle I'm doing it every year.

Hello, I want to do, however, want to know what caps to close it and plastic and metal, and also has 4f aspirin parboiled you jars? Thank you and sorry for the stupid question!

are used metal caps and no need to be parboiled jars because You pour pickled vegetables with cold water.

Hello, I want to thank you for retseptata..stana amazing pickles, all at home were very pleased we live in London from 12 years ... and many wanted to make turshiika in Bulgarian. :) Thanks again and happy holidays

I just January and I flopped in jars. Strong fingers crossed, because for the first time do pickles :)